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Our 8z Arvada Team consists of agents who grew up in Arvada and Westminster. They played for local high school teams as kids, and are now raising their own kids in the same community. They’ve stayed because they know how great Arvada is, and they’ve made it their duty to show you that. Anything you want to know, they can answer. From property details to future neighborhood plans, our agents know what’s going on, and they won’t lead you astray. Feel confident in what you’re planning and contact us today.

8z Real Estate Arvada
7878 W 80th Pl., Ste 2-C
Arvada, CO 80005
Office: 720.583.6521






Our Arvada Realtors

Realtor                        Mobile             Email

Baker, Zachariah 720.442.2922 zachariah.baker@8z.com
Bray, Tammy 303.898.7494 tammy.bray@8z.com
Cale, Shelley Leyba 303.909.1534 shelley.leybacale@8z.com
Cimato, Connie 720.955.0420 connie.cimato@8z.com
George, Julie 303.818.9211 juliegeorge@8z.com
Gonzales-Langston, Mark 720.840.3662 mark.gonzales-langston@8z.com
Jenkins, Rachael 720.934.7365 rachael.jenkins@8z.com
Mates, Kelly 720.343.9686 kelly.mates@8z.com
Murphy, Chad 303.466.9296 chad.murphy@8z.com
Price, Julie 720.422.4141 julie.price@8z.com
Quaratino, Aimee 303.903.4510 aimeeq@8z.com
Schmuecker, Nick 720-933-8181 nick.schmuecker@8z.com
Thomas, Dan 303.349.9288 dan@8z.com
Wilbur, Liesel 720.234.4225 liesel.wilbur@8z.com
Wilson, Laura 303.909.6974 laura.wilson@8z.com
Zygaj, Marietta 720.369.8055 marietta.zygaj@8z.com


Facts About Us

    • We believe real estate is about the client, not the transaction
    • We believe our clients should be fully informed before making a decision
    • We constantly keep up-to-date with the market, so we remain “the expert”
    • We handle everything real estate-related (from buying to selling a home)
    • Our biggest pet peeve are agents who don’t show the client mutual respect


Things Our Clients Say

“Our agent was awesome! He actually listened to what we wanted instead of trying to sell us a house we were not happy with. He showed us a bunch of houses that got closer and closer to what we were looking for, and his patience was really admirable. He went out of his way to help us and made us feel confident in our decision to buy. Without 8z Real Estate, I’m sure our journey would not have been so painless.”

— Jennifer Koff



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