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Our 8z Aurora team is passionate about helping buyers and sellers with their real estate needs. Our team has vast knowledge about the current market and what their communities have to offer. You’ll find that each of our team members still maintain deep roots to their home communities, which allows them to use their local knowledge to help you find the right home (or sell your property for the right value). If you want live market updates or want to see the latest homes for sale, contact us and we’ll get you started on your real estate path.

8z Real Estate Aurora
6180 South Gun Club Rd., Ste L-3
Aurora, CO 80016
Office: 303.699.6760


Our Aurora Realtors

Realtor                        Mobile             Email

Baker, Helene 303.961.7569 helene.baker@8z.com
Brink, Kelly 303.829.4668 kellybrink@8z.com
Charles, Renee 720.376.8643 renee.charles@8z.com
Hill, Tyrone 720.329.2643 tyrone.hill@8z.com
Risley, Mark 303.667.8274 mark.risley@8z.com
Stephenson, Deb 303.501.7377 Deb.Stephenson@8z.com
Wildeman, Ashley 720.630.1205 ashley.wildeman@8z.com


Facts About Us

    • Our goal is to enable our clients to make the best-informed decision
    • Collaboration is a high priority for us. You are our partner in real estate
    • We aren’t real estate hobbyists. We are full-time professionals
    • We handle everything real estate-related (from buying to selling a home)
    • You can expect expert advice at every turn


Things Our Clients Say

“We were very pleased with the services that 8z Aurora provides. Our agent found us a home that incorporated everything that we asked for and yet was close to work and schools. Working with our agent was a great experience. They go above and beyond the call of duty for their clients. Our agent had a great instinct about what people need and want in a home. Thank you for everything.”

— Scott and Connie L.

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