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Our Boulder office is the national headquarters for the company, so you’ll find more than just Realtors working here. You’ll come across our client care, marketing, and operations staff — who can all help you in your real estate goals. In addition, our deep community ties has made a reputation for itself in Boulder. Most of our staff have raised their families in Boulder and lived here for years, so when it comes to helping you relocate to Boulder, we know every aspect you will ask about. All are market experts in their respective neighborhoods can share insights into their community that only decades of collective experience can provide.

8z Real Estate Boulder
4041 Hanover Avenue, Ste 200
Boulder, CO 80305
Office: 303.543.3083


Our Boulder Realtors

Realtor                        Mobile             Email

Badger, Marsha 303.818.1390 marsha.badger@8z.com
Boye, Erik 303.931.4051 erikboye@8z.com
Bremner, Christina 720.201.7036 christina.bremner@8z.com
Cantarovici-Simisky, Julia 720.203.7789 Julia@8z.com
Cotlar, Marcia 720.352.9755 marciacotlar@8z.com
Downs, Shelby 303.817.2664 shelbydowns@8z.com
Drucker, Katie 720.415.4914 katie.drucker@8z.com
Furst, Brigitte 720.244.4411 brigitte@8z.com
Hinkelman, John 303.818.2344 john.hinkelman@8z.com
Klein, Brad 303.931.7041 brad.klein@8z.com
Kovats, Juli 303.709.5775 juli.kovats@8z.com
Levine, Zori 646.263.6991 zori.levine@8z.com
Lorraine, David 303.502.7823 david.lorraine@8z.com
Moss, Angela 303.775.5295 angela@8z.com
Oclassen, Sara 303.818.1998 saraoclassen@8z.com
Priestley, Holly 720.460.1678 holly.priestley@8z.com
Quade, Jason 303.910.1660 jasonquade@8z.com
Quade, Marlo 303.909.4632 Marlo@8z.com
Queen, Daphne 303.589.4308 daphne@8z.com
Villa, Drew 804.873.6091 drew.villa@8z.com

Facts About Us

    • Our core values start with putting clients first and being helpful to them
    • We firmly believe real estate can be done better, which is why we’ve risen to the top
    • We pride ourselves on knowing our real estate market better than most brokerages
    • We handle everything real estate-related (from buying to selling a home)
    • Our biggest pet peeve are agents who aren’t transparent about the real estate transaction


Things Our Clients Say

“Our agent was an absolute all-star to work with, in both looking for a home and in selling! He made the process of both buying and selling as painless as it could be and without his help I would have never accomplished my real estate goals. He always looked out for my best interest, not his. For that, I’d recommend using 8z Real Estate.”

— Ami Robisch



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