We are the 8z Real Estate Denver Central Office


Our team is passionate about the urban lifestyle Denver has to offer. You’ll often find us at local hot spots, where we are always ready to dish about the latest real estate trends in Denver (from pop-tops to remodeling 100-year-old homes). We are committed to staying on top of the local market and delivering excellent service to our clients.

8z Real Estate Denver Central
2300 15th St., Ste 150
Denver, CO 80202
Office: 720.638.5345


Our Denver Realtors

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Anderman, Kyle 225.302.0627 kyle.anderman@8z.com
Arceo, Bijan 818.568.5423 Bijan.Arceo@8z.com
Baker, Meghan 206.799.5511 meghan.baker@8z.com
Bird, Maritt 303.579.1420 maritt.bird@8z.com
Boden, Dirk 720.217.7206 dirk.boden@8z.com
Carter, Ryan 303.332.3611 ryan.carter@8z.com
Craig, Carrie 303.519.9099 carriecraig@8z.com
Day, Michael 914.774.2060 michael.day@8z.com
Fredrickson, Ashleigh 303.589.5421 ashleigh.fredrickson@8z.com
Gates, Lauren 303.993.9770 Lauren.Gates@8z.com
Hengel, Natalie 440.552.9731 natalie.hengel@8z.com
Kelin, Shebon 720.318.6766 shebon.kelin@8z.com
Martoia, Lyndi 303.763.0869 Lyndi@8z.com
O’Connor, Kim 303.885.0502 kim.oconnor@8z.com
Resnick, Leslie 303.503.6818 leslie@8z.com
Salem, Sheila 917.371.2563 sheila.salem@8z.com
Sanchez, Ryan 303.489.2558 ryan.sanchez@8z.com
Scholtz, Laura 720.231.1803 Laura.Scholtz@8z.com
Stenbak, Jennifer 303.257.0904 jennifer.stenbak@8z.com
Unger, James 303.803.6304 james.unger@8z.com
Wegner, Brent 719.330.2370 brent.wegner@8z.com
Weinstein, Stacy 303.906.6835 stacy.weinstein@8z.com

Facts About Us

    • Collaboration is a high priority for us. You are our partner in real estate
    • We firmly believe you should live where you love
    • Our goal is to make real estate more transparent and less stressful
    • We handle everything real estate-related (from buying to selling a home)
    • Our biggest pet peeve are agents who don’t listen to their clients


Things Our Clients Say

“Our agent made every aspect of purchasing our new home a pleasure. She was thorough, knowledgeable, and honestly had out best interest in mind. She worked very hard to find us the exact home we were looking for. I would recommend her to anybody.”

— Matthew J. Defrank

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