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We know Fort Collins is a unique market with many draws to the city. It’s been our home for a long time, which is why we’ve become one of the best real estate teams in the area. Our local market knowledge and neighborhood insights are unrivaled. But the real benefit our clients receive from our expertise is confidence. You’ll be comfortable in whatever decision you make because you will know everything you need to know.

8z Real Estate Fort Collins
3555 Stanford Rd, Ste 201
Fort Collins, CO 80525
Office: 970.223.3313


Our Fort Collins Realtors

Realtor                     Mobile                 Email

Bidwell, Brandon 970.215.1573 bidwell@8z.com
Borgman, Tim 970.999.4581 tim.borgman@8z.com
Guerin, AJ 970.703.4868 aj.guerin@8z.com
Meyer, Karen 970.218.4811 karen.meyer@8z.com
Montgomery, Cathy 970.581.5718 cathy.montgomery@8z.com
Pflugh, Monica 970.238.0290 monica.pflugh@8z.com
Tsubely, Keren 970.219.9491 keren.tsubely@8z.com

Facts About Us

    • We specialize in Rolland Moore, Troutman Park, and South Lemay real estate too
    • You are our partner in real estate. We won’t treat you like a transaction
    • We’ll help you coordinate all your appointments with outside parties
    • We handle everything real estate-related (from buying to selling a home)
    • Our biggest pet peeve are agents who don’t don’t know the local market


Things Our Clients Say

“Our agent was an absolute all-star to work with — in both looking for a home and in selling! My home selling process was easy and painless, and our agent worked hard to get the house sold quickly while still looking out for our best interest. I would highly recommend 8z if you are looking to buy or sell.”

— Ami Robisch

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