What’s it Like to Live in Aurora, CO?

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By Eric Lumsden

What’s it like to live in Aurora?

Living in Aurora is like living the dream. The town is lively and its unique diversity is what really helps to make it so exciting. Art and expression is extremely popular here and you’ll find it strategically incorporated throughout the city. When you’re exploring the city you’ll first notice the stunning landscape but you’ll also find that the endless forms of outdoor recreation here are hard to resist. You’ll be happy and relaxed in Aurora and find a sense of peace when living in this beautiful town.


What types of homes are in Aurora?

Since Aurora is located in such a prime location you’ll find a lot of upscale homes within the city. Over-sized lots, balconies and spacious living quarters are the norm here. The architecture is stunning and you’ll find many homes that feature stone construction, large garages, and newly constructed driveways. If you’re searching for homes with luxurious amenities then Aurora is definitely for you. You’ll encounter gourmet granite kitchens, heated floors, steam showers, finished basements, fire pits and anything else you can imagine. One of our agents can assist you in finding the perfect home in Aurora that fits your lifestyle and your needs.

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What’s unique about Aurora?

One thing that makes Aurora special is its heightened sense of community. Everyone gets together throughout the year to join in on some of the city’s special events. During the summer you can catch a concert at the park and when the holidays arrive you can join in on the tree lighting ceremony, a pumpkin throwing contest, or the Independence Day festival. They even cater to the kids by hosting an annual event known as “KidSpree” that features carnival rides, games and other fun activities for children in Aurora.


Where are the good schools in Aurora?

The schools in Aurora will be dedicated to your children because they value a solid education. The high schools here go the extra mile to ensure that every child is focused and heading the right direction. When it comes to choosing a career path, Aurora schools put an emphasis on showing them the various fields that they can choose from. Parents tend to rave about Aurora’s schools and you can expect your child to receive the high level of education they deserve.


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What are the best things to do in Aurora?

When you’re in Aurora, you’ll never run out of fun things to do. Outdoor recreation is big here and the Toll Gate Park and Sand Creek Park are two of the best places to visit for outdoor fun. The park’s designated trails are open to the public and everyone is welcome including bicyclists, hikers, joggers and dog walkers. The town has two water reservoirs, known as the Aurora and Quincy reservoir, which are popular among residents who like to go fishing, swimming, sunbathing and boating. You can also take advantage of the reservoirs’ volleyball courts and archery ranges. If you prefer swimming indoors, the city is home to two resident-only aquatic facilities known as Beck indoor pool and the Utah indoor pool. Aurora is also popular with golfers since it’s home to six individual golf courses that are open to the public.

The town center at Aurora has everything you could possibly imagine, if you’d rather go shopping or if you like to dine out. It’s a really convenient spot for Aurora residents since the center is home to over 150 different retail stores and restaurants. There’s just so much to do in Aurora that it’s impossible for me to list all of the great activities you can enjoy here!


Is Aurora right for me?

If you’re a fun loving person with an active lifestyle, then Aurora is the perfect place to live. You’ll feel right at home within this bustling community and you’ll find everything you need just outside your door step. You’ll also appreciate the tranquility and privacy that you’ll find at home when you’re finally ready to wind down and relax. Aurora is a creative town that’s perfect for dreamers and go-getters alike. Once you’ve seen what Aurora has to offer, you’ll never want to leave. If you’re ready to learn more about Aurora, call us today and one of our agents will take the time to match you with the home of your dreams.


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