What’s it Like to Live in Broomfield, CO?

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View from High Prairie
By Don O’Brien

What’s it like to live in Broomfield?

Broomfield manages to beautifully balance several personas—a thriving city with strong schools and a gorgeous rural area inspired by nature, a place where community comes together and an area that allows serenity and solitude. While Broomfield appeals to a wide variety of people, its heart is family—and it’s a great place to raise one. There is much to do, and those who are on-the-go will find it an excellent place to live, especially if an outdoor activity is involved. Scenic yet growing, busy yet laid-back, Broomfield manages to meet many needs.


What types of homes are in Broomfield?

Broomfield offers a lot of options when it comes to housing. You can have a yard, or not, a one-story or two-story. One thing you’ll notice though is the neighborhoods—they exist in abundance. Housing pockets are a common sight in Broomfield, and they have been done well. You are more likely to find newer homes that come equipped with all the helpful modern necessities—gourmet kitchens, bonus rooms, custom details, and open floorplans—but you can also find older homes, spacious lots, ranches, or condos. Most houses offer some sort of surrounding greenery, and homes tend to be light-filled and airy. Your biggest challenge will be finding the perfect neighborhood, but only because there are so many wonderful ones to choose from.

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What’s unique about Broomfield?

Broomfield is a busy community. We have found that their calendar is always packed, and many of the events center around getting together. You’ll find golf tournaments and triathlons, parades, music, and theater. Kids are often the focus, with opportunities that will keep them involved in the area that they live in. However, if you need some solo time, the Open Space and Trails Department have created many places to connect to the outdoors. Broomfield’s mission is to keep its residents healthy, active, and happy.


Where are the good schools in Broomfield?

Although Broomfield’s educational boundary divisions can be confusing, there is nothing unclear about the caliber of schools in the area. Broomfield takes education seriously, and it reflects in the feedback. While the public schools are strong, there are top-notch private options as well. It really comes down to your family’s personal preferences, and what your children’s needs are.


Canada Goose on Nest
By Jim Kennedy

What are the best things to do in Broomfield?

There is no doubt that nature is breathtaking in Colorado, and that is one of the reasons people are drawn to the state. Broomfield and the surrounding area have no shortage of ways to get out and be a part of that natural beauty. One of the idyllic introductions to open spaces in Broomfield is Metzger Farm Open Space. It sits on 152 acres full of flora, fauna and lovely views. It is a jewel in a crown full of many gems—the city houses several open space areas to explore.

The region Broomfield is housed in possesses a plethora of outdoor activities. Horseback riding, skiing, hiking, cycling, kayaking, climbing and camping are prolific. Day trips are easy too—when you want to experience a different community, think about places like Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs. They are all within reasonable driving distances. They each entail different vibes, from cool college town to big city culture.


Is Broomfield right for me?

Mountains, rivers, and spectacular open spaces are part of a growing city with a small town vibe. Families come first, and community a close second in this sprawling area of Colorado. In some places neighbors are sparse, while others it feels reminiscent of little villages. Like anywhere, we know it’s not for everyone, but if you love nature and fresh air, and a place that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle—you’ll most likely love it.


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