What’s it Like to Live in Castle Rock, CO?

Meet 8z Real Estate.  We are a hard-working crew of real estate agents who know the Greater Denver region inside and out. We want to offer you an inside track to the best real estate opportunities in Castle Rock, just South of Denver. If you are looking to purchase a home in Castle Rock, here is what our real estate experts have to say about this community:

The Castle Cafe and Castle Rock.
By Jeffrey Beall

What’s it like to live in Castle Rock?

Named for the castle-shaped butte near the center of town, you are never far from natural beauty in Castle Rock. Whether it is the rugged prairie or the majestic Rocky Mountains, if you love the outdoors you will love Castle Rock. This laid back country town is just 30 miles South of Denver, but most people don’t to commute all the way to Denver because the Denver Technology Center is just 15 minutes north of Castle Rock. This large modern corporate center is home to many of the region’s largest employers.


What types of homes are in Castle Rock?

The homes in Castle Rock run the gamut from townhomes to large custom-made contemporary homes. Many even come with fireplaces to create a cozy winter atmosphere. Most homes are multi-storied with attached garages. There is plenty of room to store your mountain bike, kayaks and other gear for your outdoor adventures. The interiors are warm and cozy so you can plan your exciting excursions in comfort and peace.

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What’s unique about Castle Rock?

Castle Rock has a unique downtown with plenty of shops, entertainment, and fine dining. It is beautifully adorned with decorated patios and flower boxes. This picturesque downtown is great for strolling on a Saturday afternoon. The town sponsors many community events including outdoor movies, car shows, festivals, and much more. This really creates a small town atmosphere in Castle Rock.

Another unique feature of Castle Rock is that almost 30% of the land is dedicated to parks and open space. There are plenty of trails, creeks and fields for you to enjoy. If you can’t get out to a more remote location, it is easy to enjoy the great outdoors without leaving the city limits.


Where are the good schools in Castle Rock?

The schools in Castle Rock are excellent. There are wide variety of educational options, from Christian schools to schools that focus on science and technology. Here are some of the best schools:


garden of the gods
By Michael

What are the best things to do in Castle Rock?

There are endless activities in and around Castle Rock if you are an outdoors enthusiast. From hiking and biking, to skiing and boating, Castle Rock is great for all these outdoors activities. The town features the spectacular Red Hawk Ridge Golf Course designed by famous course architect Jim Engh. It features dramatic elevation changes and beautiful vistas. There are many other incredible courses around for you to enjoy.

For the more adventurous outdoors enthusiast, you can climb to the top of Pike’s Peak. You can drive to the top, take a cog railway or get there on your own two-feet. You will enjoy the beautiful view of the incredible Garden of Gods from the top.


Is Castle Rock right for me?

If you love adventures in the great outdoors, but also returning to the comforts of home at the end of the day, then Castle Rock is a great place for you. If you want to enjoy a small town atmosphere, but still be close to a big city, then Castle Rock is for you. Castle Rock is a beautiful place to live, with lots of exciting activities, great neighborhoods, and employment opportunities. It is an ideal place to settle down with your family.


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