What’s it Like to Live in Denver, CO?

Meet 8z Real Estate. We’ve all done the countless hours of home searching and neighborhood scouting. But real estate doesn’t have to be difficult for you. With higher accessibility to online resources, we wanted to make sure you got a realistic perspective of where you were planning to move. Take a look and see what one of our Denver real estate agents had to say about the area:

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What’s it like to live in Denver?

It’s like living in a giant playground. Everyone is active. People are always heading outside the city center to go hiking or skiing. But the “playground” metaphor doesn’t really stop at the active lifestyle people enjoy here. It sort of blends into the workforce as well. Job opportunities are endless and there’s a career field for almost anything in Denver. Essentially, you get to jump around, have fun, and choose which “monkey bars” you hang from. There is nothing to hold you back in Denver.


What types of homes are in Denver?

You really can’t put one sticker on Denver’s real estate market. Home styles change by the neighborhood, so if you happen to fall in love with a specific architecture or want a special kind of floor plan, I’d suggest talking to one of our agents to help you narrow down which area you should start looking in. Some neighborhoods, like the Highlands, feature Victorian-style properties and overflow with trendy restaurants, bars, and shops. On the flipside, an area like Cherry Creek is filled with townhouses that are just a breath away from higher-end shopping and dining.

The one notable feature about almost any neighborhood in Denver, however, are the outdoor amenities. Pretty much anywhere you live, you’ll find a spot to either run, relax, or enjoy Colorado scenery. Keep in mind that Denver is the gateway to the Rocky Mountains, so it isn’t hard to catch a view of the snow-capped peaks. Now imagine sitting out on your back patio, enjoying a cold beer, and cooking up some burgers. With the 2 combined, it’s a pretty amazing living situation.

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What’s unique about Denver?

Besides having access to any amount of outdoor activities, I’d say the one thing unique about Denver is that it is a beer town. No other town brews more beers than Denver, and it’s certainly reflected with the annual Great American Beer Festival. It’s sort of the “Super Bowl of beers,” so if the Broncos happen to win the big game next year, then you’ll have plenty of choices to celebrate with.


Where are the good schools in Denver?

Education in Denver revolves around choice. Some parents have different priorities on what the school should focus on — like how much the school integrates technology compared to small class sizes. Every family wants something different, and there’s certainly a school that can provide you with the style of education you want your children to receive. Again, it’s a matter of talking to one of our agent’s to help you narrow down your choices of where to live (and subsequently which school is nearest to you). There are hundreds of schools in Denver and we can’t list them all hear, or you’ll never stop reading. But for the meantime, here is a sample of some of the best schools in the area:


Hiking in Denver CO

What are the best things to do in Denver?

I’ll start with this: The nature scene makes you outdoorsy from the moment you move to Denver. You won’t ever be far away from Rocky Mountain trails, where you can run, hike, or whatever. In the city, there are dozens upon dozens of parks and athletic fields that you can be active on. It’s not only good for the body, but also for the mind. Where else can you get that coveted peace of mind everyone talks about than from playing in the backyard of the Rocky Mountains? If you aren’t running along the mountain trails, you’re admiring them with prolonged stares.


Is Denver right for me?

If you’re afraid of getting stuck in a routine of boredom and “nothing to do” conversations, then Denver is the right city for you. Staying active is just implied when you move here. From exploring natural settings to enjoying locally-brewed beers with the neighbors, there is so much to do and be interested in. Even if you are a workaholic, there are tons of great companies to set your foot down in and begin impressing. Being active means staying on track with your life goals, and Denver really is a supportive environment for that.

If you like what Denver has to offer so far, my suggestion would be to contact a real estate agent whenever you get free time. Begin talking about what you’re looking for and we can begin searching for the right place that matches your lifestyle.


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