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Meet 8z Real Estate.  Searching for a new home can be incredibly challenging, but with the right help the process can go a lot smoother. We’ve done the hard work and scouted out the areas you might be interested in. Take a look and see what one of our Erie, CO real estate agents had to say about the area:

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What’s it like to live in Erie?

Not to be mistaken for the Pennsylvania County of the same name, living in Erie, CO is a lot like living in a park. The top annual event is The Great Erie Outdoor Adventure, where community residents camp overnight at the Erie Community Park. Living close to several of the largest national parks helps, and Erie residents take full advantage, spending as much time outside as possible. The fun doesn’t stop with camping, as Erie is also home to a number of different industries, with a focus on computers and math related fields, making finding work almost as much fun as playing at the parks.


What types of homes are in Erie?

When you’re shopping for homes in Erie, keep in mind it is one of the more expensive areas in Colorado and all of the U.S. Of course, you get what you pay for. This small, close knit community has a wealth of options in home styling, but one thing you probably won’t see is row-homes. Real estate in Erie tends to be detached, and usually comes with a driveway and garage. Houses offer extensive square footage and plentiful windows. If you like a particular style of architecture, contact one of our agents. They can help you find the right area for the type of home you want. Erie only really has four neighborhoods, but our agents can at least help you get started. After all, Puritan has some of the most expensive and expansive options, while properties in the town center with a have some of the least expensive options and easy access to local shopping.

When looking at properties, be sure to spend as much time on the outside as you do on the inside. Colorado natives take any excuse to relax outside, so a patio or deck is a must. Relaxing after a long day at work is one of life’s pleasures, and enjoying the stunning Colorado scenery with a cold brew pretty much tops the list.

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What’s unique about Erie?

On top of a small town atmosphere just minutes away from major cities like Boulder and Denver, Erie offers tons of outdoor fun. The town maintains more than 31 miles of trails for biking, hiking and long afternoon walks. Plus, with its annual camping event, you can be sure to meet lots of neighbors while out and about.


Where are the good schools in Erie?

With a population of approximately 18,000, it is no surprise that there are only a few schools, but the few located in Erie score high from both parents and independent organizations. The short 20 minute drive to Boulder or Denver opens up hundreds of other options, many with specialized courses and a focus on technology integration, so if you don’t find a school in Erie you like, you’re a little spoiled for choice. For elementary and middle schools, Erie has some of the best:


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What are the best things to do in Erie?

In Colorado, it’s all about the mountains. If you’re not hiking up the Rocky Mountain trails, you’re running along the dozens of different paths in the city, snapping pictures of rare birds or stunning mountain sunsets, or just soaking up the atmosphere. For those few who don’t spend much time outside, Erie has access to plentiful shopping, top notch local breweries and a thriving community of local artists. The Arts Coalition of Erie displays works from local artists at both the Erie Community Center and High Plains Library. The theater is also alive and well, with the Art Center of Erie hosting shows dedicated to performance and visual art. Shows change regularly, so they are always worth a visit.


Is Erie right for me?

Living in Erie may not be for you if you don’t like clean air, avoid spending time in the sun, and want to fade into the background, but for the rest of us, Erie really feels like home. Active is the name of the game, with most of the locals spending hours each day on trails, grilling, gardening, and generally enjoying nature. For a night on the town, Denver offers a ton of hot spots, and Boulder is full of museums and cultural experiences. Living in Erie really does combine the best of urban and rural living. You get to enjoy the city life and go home to peace and quiet.

If Erie sounds appealing to you, contact a real estate agent the next time you have a few minutes free. We can start looking at the different options and find houses that could be your next home.


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