What’s it Like to Live in Evergreen, CO?

Meet 8z Real Estate.  We know that shopping for real estate can be complicated, especially if you have something very specific in mind. Our agents are so familiar with Evergreen and the surrounding Denver area that we can help you drastically narrow down your search. If you’re thinking about exploring Evergreen, read on to discover whether it’s a good place for you and your family.

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By Rob Lee

What’s it like to live in Evergreen?

Only about 15 miles outside of Denver, Evergreen is a picturesque place to live. Residents love their privacy and seclusion, but also enjoy a thriving historic downtown area. It’s a great place to stay healthy and active, thanks to access to just about every kind of outdoor activity imaginable. The surrounding national forests aren’t just places to climb and hike in, either – they create a beautiful backdrop.


What types of homes are in Evergreen?

Single-family homes are the norm in Evergreen. However, these range quite a bit in size and scope. If you want a small, secluded summer cabin, Evergreen is a great place to start looking. You can also find medium-sized homes in more suburban areas. These make great starter homes for small families. Big families also have plenty of options in Evergreen. Medium-sized homes with three and four bedrooms can be very affordable.

You can find a lot of condos and townhomes on the market, too. These tend to be cozy, so they’re perfect for singles, retirees, and newlyweds. If luxury is what you’re after, you’ll find no shortage of it here. Not only can you can spend millions on a gorgeous mansion with incredible views, but you’ll have plenty of mansions from which to choose.

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What’s unique about Evergreen?

Evergreen is surrounded on almost all sides by national parks. Denver lies to the northeast, just a short drive away. This setup creates a kind of hybrid atmosphere that’s unique to Evergreen – it’s suburban, urban, and untamed, all at once. When they want just a taste of city life, residents head to Evergreen’s quaint downtown sector. This historic setting is a great place to shop and dine.

The local Evergreen Lake is a favorite recreational spot. It’s great for fishing, picnicking, and boating. The Evergreen Lake House, part of the local parks and recreation facilities, treats guests to a large stone fireplace. The town’s love of recreation doesn’t stop there. At the Buchanan Park Recreation Center, Evergreen residents can tackle the 41-foot climbing wall, a leisure pool with water slides, an indoor cycling room, and a cardio and weightlifting area.


Where are the good schools in Evergreen?

Parents absolutely love the Evergreen school district. There are a lot of excellent schools to choose from, so no matter what you’re looking for in an educational institution, you can find it here. Our agents can help you discover the best school for your kids. Until then, here are a few of the top schools in and around Evergreen:


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What are the best things to do in Evergreen?

In town, there’s always something happening. Residents love to explore local arts and culture events, restaurants, outdoor recreation activities, and shopping options. If they ever need a change of scenery, it’s a quick trip to either Denver or any number of neighboring national parks.

The city has a number of its own high-profile entertainment and commodities. Evergreen’s Farmers Market at Bergen Park helps keep active residents replenished with fresh fruits and veggies. At the nearby Dinosaur Ridge, residents can find more than 300 dinosaur footprints neatly preserved by the earth. In November, residents gather for the Winterfest Arts and Crafts show. It’s put on by the Center for the Arts Evergreen, which holds community art events year round. The Big Chili Cookoff kicks off in September in Evergreen’s Buchanan Park, treating visitors from all over to live music, art, and, of course, the best-tasting chili around.

Mount Evans is just a short trip west of Evergreen, and a popular spot for avid outdoors-people. It’s also where you can find America’s highest paved road, the Mount Evans Scenic Byway. On days where it might be 90 degrees hot in Denver, it can be 40 degrees cool at the top of Mount Evans.


Is Evergreen right for me?

If you’re the type who loves small town life and untamed wilderness, but can’t be too far from a bustling city atmosphere, Evergreen just might be the perfect place for you. Our agents can better help you discover the perfect home, and there are lots of options – everything from small cabins to downright luxurious mansions. There are a lot of great schools nearby, so parents especially will be at home here. Evergreen is also big on recreation of all kinds – no matter your favorite sport or outdoor activity, you can find plenty of ways to play.


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