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Meet 8z Real Estate.  Searching through pages and pages of home listings can leave you feeling a little at sea when it comes to finding your new home. That’s why we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. We’ve scoured every resource to provide you with all the information you need to find the perfect house. If you’re looking at the Littleton area, read on to discover the memorable features of this special Colorado town.

Littleton Main Street Historic District
By Jeffery Beall

What’s it like to live in Littleton?

There’s something invigorating about waking up on an early November morning when the clouds promise a dusting of snow. In the winter, the Denver suburb of Littleton gives snow to ski junkies, and during the summer there’s golf for the fairway aficionados. In addition to these classic Colorado pursuits, Littleton also boasts a family-friendly atmosphere and the old-fashioned look of a town built during the rollicking days of the Wild West. Littleton boasts an appealing mix of modernity set within an old-fashioned hometown environment.


What types of homes are in Littleton?

From spacious townhouses and condos to beautiful single-family properties in every size, Littleton’s variety of homes welcomes families of any size and stature. I love the established neighborhoods with their gorgeous ranch-style homes; however, the brand new homes that feature all the cool modern features like 3-car garages and extra rooms also deserve some attention.

One of the best aspects of Littleton’s real estate is the variety of size, age, and style. If Littleton’s proximity to the mountain lifestyle draws you to the region, you’ll be able to find a home in this cozy suburb no matter your circumstances. Looking for some Mid-century luxury and some serious square footage? Want to find a brand new home that’s perfect for a growing family? Interested in a starter condo? Littleton has a home for you.

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What’s unique about Littleton?

Want to get in shape? Love being fit? You’ll adore Littleton. Year after year, the Denver metropolitan area shows up on lists of the fittest cities in the nation, which isn’t surprising given the absolute dedication Coloradoans have for outdoor adventures. The state of Colorado also bears the distinction as the only state in the country with an obesity rate below 20%, which is further evidence that healthy lifestyles are a way of life in Littleton.

One of the defining features of Colorado towns like Littleton is that the majority of kids and teens have quick access to parks, sidewalks, and community activities, even if they’re not in the immediate vicinity of a mountain slope, hiking trail, or lake. According to the CDC, two-thirds of kids in the state live in neighborhoods that offer healthy, outdoor activities within walking distance. Littleton is a perfect example of the open spaces and fresh air that keep residents healthy and energized.


Where are the good schools in Littleton?

According to Great Schools, the kids in Littleton have access to some fantastic educational opportunities as the top-rated public schools all score perfect 10s for student test scores. One of the best elementary schools, Runyon Elementary, won the 2012 Governor’s Award for academic excellence.


Rocky Mountain National Park
By kun0me

What are the best things to do in Littleton?

If you settle in Littleton, it will only be a matter of time before you hit the hiking trails to discover why people in Colorado are so fit and active. You’re only a short drive from several hiking trails that range from short beginner paths to challenging, uphill scrambles. If you’re a newbie to hiking, you might want to try the Green Mountain Open Space, which features a 4 mile trek along a mountain that sits at the base of the Rockies.

If you’re feeling a little frisky and want a challenge, you’ll want to head to Goat Mountain where a beautiful and rewarding experience awaits your hiking shoes. Interested in breaking out the bike? Deer Creek Canyon Park has a trail ride for you that’s about 9 miles and takes a few hours to complete. Then, in the winter, get ready for the snow. Close your eyes, point toward the west, and you’ll probably find a mountain with slopes just begging for some time with your skis.


Is Littleton right for me?

From gorgeous summer days with endless blue skies to the crisp winter afternoons in this cozy Denver suburb, every season in Littleton offers enjoyment, activities, and entertainment. You’ll love getting to know your neighbors and getting into the fit lifestyle they cultivate and adore.

If you’re thinking about moving to Littleton, but have no idea where to start, a few conversations with a real estate agent is where you should start. Looking at listings on an internet page might give you an idea about the area, but you’ll want to talk with a local to narrow your search and get the ball rolling. Littleton is a friendly, gorgeous, and fun city, and you’ll love living here.


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