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Meet 8z Real Estate.  Most people think of mountains when they hear the name Colorado, but the Centennial State is so much more than its amazing geography. Terrific job opportunities, a healthy and growing real estate industry, and residents who adore healthy living add so much to the splendor of this amazing state. We’re not surprised if you’re having trouble choosing just one place to live! We’ve created these helpful city and neighborhood guides to help you in your search for your new, beautiful home.

By Grumpy.Editor
By Grumpy.Editor

What’s it like to live in Longmont?

Imagine the vibrant yellows of the trees during the fall and the snowcapped peaks of the Front Range in early winter as you walk the streets of the family-friendly community of Longmont, Colorado. An easygoing town that rests just northeast of Boulder, Longmont feels a little trendy with its coffee shops and microbreweries, but it’s also a bit of suburbia with its many families, rec centers, and healthy outdoor venues and trails.

In many respects, Longmont feels like a relaxed suburban town, but it’s also a technologically savvy community with some major players in computers and energy setting up facilities in the city. Longmont’s city council also recently voted to build a comprehensive fiber-optic network for all homes and businesses in the community, which shows its commitment to gearing the town with the tools it needs for the future.


What types of homes are in Longmont?

Longmont’s healthy population helps fuel variety in real estate, and you’ll find brand new condos, single-family homes, and residences built within several neighborhoods that surround a central commercial district. Many of the homes in Longmont sit on perfectly straight streets that are covered in a canopy of lush, mature trees. Other neighborhoods feature large lots with tidily manicured lawns, new construction, and modern goodies like 3-car garages, smart-home hookups, and proximity to new schools.

The architectural styles of homes in Longmont also vary heavily, so you’ll have your pick of classic, single-story ranch houses, large, 2-story homes, and brand new condos. Have a growing family? You’ll find four-bedroom homes with lots of space in the 3,000 square foot range. Looking for a starter home? You’ll find cozy townhouses and modest properties that’ll help you realize the dream of home ownership.

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What’s unique about Longmont?

Longmont’s family-friendly persona is well-deserved, but one of the fun features of this growing city is the downtown dining and arts district. The new families and businesses attracted to Longmont’s many opportunities have also brought some awesome cafes, bistros, and trendy venues that meld beautifully with the historical flavor of downtown, which locals sometimes call “Old Town.”

Many buildings in the downtown corridor date back to 1870 and the first years of Longmont’s existence. New construction features a modest level of modernity alongside the classic Western facades that house shopping, food, and fun. You’ll also see cultural attractions like art galleries (there are 15 downtown!), as well as fun events like a farmer’s market, live theater, and a popular summer festival that features street performers and outdoor entertainment.


Where are the good schools in Longmont?

Colorado boasts some of the best schools in the country, and the students of the St. Vrain Valley School District have earned several awards from state and national education groups. Over half of the students in the district’s secondary schools enroll in at least one advanced placement course, and students also average ACT scores that are above the state’s averages in every content area.


By Billy Hathorn
By Billy Hathorn

What are the best things to do in Longmont?

Many beloved activities in Longmont begin and end with the Front Range. If you’re a golf lover, you’ll adore walking the fairways of one of three gorgeous golf courses that have views of the majestic Rocky Mountains. Sunset, Twin Peaks, and Ute Creek each feature varied challenges for any golfer whether you’re a veteran of the game or you’ve just picked up your first set of clubs.

Longmont is also the perfect staging point for adventures in gorgeous locales like Rocky Mountain National Park and the Arapaho & Roosevelt National Forest. You’ll get to enjoy all the regular activities of a large town in Longmont, but you’re just 38 miles away from the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park. If you’d like to take the family camping, another terrific option is St. Vrain State Park, which is an awesome venue if you like to fish or take photographs.


Is Longmont right for me?

If you’d like to settle in a modestly cosmopolitan town that also features a strong dose of family-friendly activities, Longmont might just be the best place to look for a new home. Longmont is classic Colorado with the hospitable mixture of America’s Old West and a population that admires technology and progress.

Whether you want to raise a family, get in touch with nature, or start a business, Longmont should definitely be a stop on your home search. Speak with a Longmont real estate agent to tour some local properties and get a feel for this lively and hospitable Colorado town.


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