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By Richard Johnson

What’s it like to live in Louisville?

I like the small-town atmosphere of Louisville. If you listen to the residents talk, you will find that they see Louisville as a place of refuge. There is no congestion here, and there is no overcrowding in the city. Many people who work in the bigger surrounding cities such as Denver choose to reside in Louisville. It’s a peaceful place, and I consider it perfect for raising kids. It is an excellent choice for those who want peace of mind and a quiet lifestyle. On a number of occasions, Money Magazine assessed Louisville’s health statistics, housing measures, crime rate, quality of life, and employment. For three consecutive years, the publication rated Louisville as one of the better places in the US to live.

Historic buildings line the streets in the quaint downtown area. Mainly small stores and family-owned businesses are downtown. Even so, Louisville is encouraging businesses to expand or relocate here. Attractive tax and permit fees’ rebates are available for those companies wishing to take up the offer from the city of Louisville. I see so much potential for owners who have businesses in the growth stage to expand here.


What types of homes are in Louisville?

Some Louisville neighborhoods have the Mayberry-style characteristics. Nevertheless, there is some diversity in the housing. Victorian architectural designs are common in the older neighborhoods. You will see some bungalows and modern styles in the newer ones. Residents ride their bikes in the quiet streets, and the children walk to school. Parks, walking trails, and open spaces are nearby to most neighborhoods in Louisville. Because I travel to so many busy cities, I am always amazed at how peaceful and untouched Louisville remains. Residents keep their homes well maintained with manicured lawns and gardens. It is truly an idyllic place to live.

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What’s unique about Louisville?

Do not be surprised by the personalized attention you receive when you go shopping or dining. Most of the businesses are family-owned. Therefore, it is highly likely that the owner may serve you in a restaurant or assist you with your shopping at a store. It is unique and refreshing to find such an old-world culture today.

Louisville has many community type events with the Farmer’s market being a favorite of mine. It happens during the months of June to October every Saturday from nine in the morning time to one o’ clock in the afternoon. Farmers from all over Colorado bring their produce to sell in Louisville. I go there to get my fresh vegetables, fruits, baked goods, and even handcrafted items. A festive atmosphere prevails, and the kids seem to have the most fun.


Where are the good schools in Louisville?

Louisville Elementary School is one of the country’s top rated schools, as well as, the Middle School, which is another leading national performer. Monarch High School received the John Irwin School of Excellence award. Here are some additional helpful details about these schools.

Redstone College is only four miles away from Louisville, while the University of Colorado, Denver is about seventeen miles from the town.


Audience Participation
By Richard Johnson

What are the best things to do in Louisville?

Downtown goes to sleep early, so if you want some nightlife, catch it before ten o’clock. There are great family events like the ‘Street Faire.’ Children, pets, seniors, and just about all the residents participate in this event. Every Friday during the summer, the activities begin at five o’clock in the afternoon to ten o’clock at night. You can hear live music from popular bands and experience a variety of entertainment.


Is Louisville right for me?

If you are looking for a quiet, peaceful town to raise your children, Louisville is the perfect place. Family Circle magazine rated Louisville as one of the best places in the nation to raise a family. Some of the top-rated schools in the country reside in this city. Nightlife is limited, so there aren’t that many distractions for teens and young adults. The city is safe, so you are bound to experience a great peace of mind. Events are community and family oriented thus encouraging bonding within families and inculcating an appreciation for community. Growing up around here, I never experienced the generation gap syndrome. I can bet it is due to the fact the events are designed to include all members of the family thus allowing bonding.

For business owners who wish to expand, I am sure by now you realize the opportunities that exist for investing here. The town is thriving due to all the national publicity. While family-type businesses are excellent, we could use some larger department stores and at least another mall. Louisville awaits you now.


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