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Meet 8z Real Estate.  In the last decade, Colorado has become a popular destination for families, job seekers, and anyone looking for a lifestyle that features a dose of modernity within a rustic, mountain setting. Colorado feels like it’s part of the historic West, but it’s also where technologically savvy companies have planted their roots. We know that Colorado’s diversity offers you many choices, and we’ve created these helpful city guides to give you all the information you need to make the best choice for your family’s new home.

By  dw_ross
By dw_ross

What’s it like to live in Parker?

With the swift growth of the Denver Metropolitan Area, outlying communities like Parker, Colorado have become popular commuter towns for families with jobs in Denver. Little towns like Parker have benefited from an infusion of new families, with residential building booms and economic prosperity quickly following new settlement. Everything in Parker looks well-tended and tidy, and the feel of the town is as friendly as its lucky residents. In some respects, Parker feels like a community whose destiny is not yet set, where change, expansion, and new families are making their mark on the town’s future.


What types of homes are in Parker?

The incredible population growth in Parker has fueled the development of new subdivisions and neighborhoods filled with brand new homes with all the amenities you might expect of a modern house. One of the best features of these truly gorgeous new neighborhoods is that they’re a wonderful mix of starter homes on medium sized lots and large homes for established families who want a little extra room for a growing brood or for entertaining friends and family.

Additionally, Parker boasts many neighborhoods of existing construction with families that have called Parker home for generations. Old or new, most of the neighborhoods around Parker feature wide, safe streets and bucolic views of the gently rolling hills that surround this amazingly welcoming Colorado city. If you were to drive down any of the winding streets of Parker’s neighborhoods, you’d see lovely homes enveloped by tidy lawns and the idyllic view of the “American Dream.”

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What’s unique about Parker?

With the ever-expanding Denver Metropolitan Area enveloping so many towns around Parker, you might assume that the community had lost some of its small-town charm with the growth and increased population density. However, Parker’s growth hasn’t made it stray far from its cozy roots. In fact, research group Movoto recently dubbed Parker as one of the safest communities in the state.

The welcoming atmosphere of Parker’s little neighborhoods and pleasant downtown streets offer a wonderful environment for families, but are also treasured by couples looking for a comfortable town that’s within easy reach of an urban region like Denver. Parker’s citizens are also very dedicated to retaining that small-town atmosphere with recent efforts put into enhancing and expanding the walkability of the town’s downtown entertainment and arts district.


Where are the good schools in Parker?

According to statistics kept by the school district serving Parker, the community’s students have routinely scored well above the state’s averages for testing. On average, kids in Parker have scored somewhere between 12 and 19 percent above students in other districts in the state. The district is also a fairly densely populated district with new schools recently opened to accommodate new families and their kids.


By Jay@MorphoLA
By Jay@MorphoLA

What are the best things to do in Parker?

If you live in Parker you’re not too far from Denver’s urban pursuits, and you’re also close to the amazing views and experiences of the Rocky Mountains. However, you’re also within a stone’s throw of the county’s vibrant Cherry Creek Trail.

This beautiful trail cuts a heavenly path right down the middle of Parker, and actually begins in downtown Denver and meanders down through the region for somewhere between 15 and 20 miles. Best described as an urban trail, this open area is perfect for jogging, walking the family dog, or just taking a stroll during one of Parker’s many sunny days each year.

Open space, pastoral areas, and parks are incredibly important to families in Parker, so you’ll see more parks and areas for recreation than you might expect in a flourishing suburban town with loads of new homes and development. Nobody gets in the way of Parker families and their love of the outdoors. What a healthy, friendly community in which to live!


Is Parker right for me?

Parker is the picture-perfect suburban ideal with wide, welcoming streets, an exceptional school system, and a healthy, prosperous future as one of Denver’s best suburbs. Your future in Parker, Colorado is a bright one with the gorgeous Colorado skies stretching above you as you enjoy a twilight stroll down the streets of your beautiful neighborhood. Parker has at least a dozen major neighborhoods, and your new home might be on one of those winding streets. I encourage you to visit Parker to tour some homes and see why it’s one of the swiftest growing communities in the entire state.


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