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Meet 8z Real Estate.  We know that there is difference between a house and a home. This helpful guide has been prepared to help you easily find the perfect home that will fit your lifestyle. Consider what one of our Superior real estate agents have to say about Superior, CO.

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By Dave Dugdale

What’s it like to live in Superior?

Do you enjoy the great outdoors and relaxed rural living? If you say yes, I would say that Superior would be the ideal place for you to live. It features an abundance of parks, trails and green space. You can enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty while maintaining an active lifestyle.

Because of its close proximity to major city centers it also gives you unlimited access to employment opportunities. You can enjoy a relaxed rural living without sacrificing career opportunities. It provides the best of both worlds.


What types of homes are in Superior?

There is a variety of different homes to fit different lifestyles. If you are looking for a particular style of home or type of architecture I would strongly recommend that you communicate with one of our expert agents. They will help you find the right home to suit your needs. For example Superior has no shortage of homes with large yard spaces. For families with children that is a lot of space for them to run around and play. It is also ideal for hosting barbecues and enjoying the many local beers that are brewed within the Boulder Valley region. For those that don’t have children and don’t have time to maintain a large property, Superior offers beautiful and functional luxury condos which conveniently provide access to amenities such as a pool, tennis and basketball courts and gym.

The one outstanding feature that comes from any home in Superior are the outside amenities. You can enjoy the abundance of hiking and biking trails and parks that are at your disposal.

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What’s unique about Superior?

In my mind, one of the things that truly stand out about Superior is its community spirit, and there is no shortage of community events. As I previously touched upon there is also the many beautiful trails and parks. Another aspect of Superior which makes it stand out as unique is the access to fine tasting beer. As part of the Boulder Valley region, there is an abundance of local breweries to enjoy.


Where are the good schools in Superior?

Superior provides access to the highest standard in education. Of course I need to acknowledge that different children have different educational needs and you don’t want to take a one size fit all approach in fulfilling those needs. If you talk to one of our agents they will help you figure out what schools are in the area and which ones will fill the educational needs of your family. As a sample here are three highly regarded schools within the community:

Superior also offers wide access to higher education. There are a large number of colleges and universities within 20 miles, including a couple of campuses for the well regarded University of Colorado.


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By jeffreyw

What are the best things to do in Superior?

One of the highlights is the annual Chili Fest, which features a chili cook-off and many local restaurants offering samples of their tasty fare. It also includes live music and other fun activities. Also in collaboration with the Chili Fest is the Boulder Valley Beer Fest. You can sample a variety of outstanding local beers. It is the ideal marriage of food and brew which will make all foodies and beer connoisseurs rejoice!

Because of the large number of trails, green space, parks and outdoor skating rinks, there is no shortage of outside activities to engage in. It is an absolute paradise for bikers and hikers.  It is also an ideal place for those that are raising a family because there is a lot of play space for the whole family to enjoy.


Is Superior right for me?

If you like to enjoy the best that life has to offer then Superior is a perfect fit. You can enjoy a sense of community and natural beauty. You can stay psychically fit by taking advantage of the many trails and outdoor amenities. You can kick back and relax by enjoying a tasty local brew.

If Superior seems to be an ideal fit for your lifestyle I would suggest that you don’t hold back from talking to one of our real estate agents. They will put their considerable expertise to work for you by helping you find the perfect home.


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