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Meet 8z Real Estate.  Filled with cozy mountain towns, thriving suburbs, and modern cities, Colorado is an amazing state with incredible opportunities for work, play, and family. We know the decision to move is a big one and that you might not be familiar with everything Colorado has to offer in real estate, entertainment, and jobs, so we’ve created these helpful guides to share all the details of Colorado’s every nook and cranny. Read on to discover why the friendly suburb of Westminster might just be the perfect place for your new home.

By Nyttend
By Nyttend

What’s it like to live in Westminster?

A suburb that sits just northwest of Denver, Westminster is one of the largest communities in Colorado, but you’d never get the feeling you were in a big and impersonal metropolis. Homes with beautifully maintained lawns and safe, wide streets curl around baseball fields, parks, and walking trails that rest in full view of the magnificent Front Range.

Westminster grew to fame in the 1800s for its mining opportunities, and many families in the community have called Westminster home for generations. The wonderful balance of a suburban lifestyle that touches the edge of the Rocky Mountain wilderness, while staying grounded near the state’s capital region, offers the best of all worlds.


What types of homes are in Westminster?

Like any large suburban area, Westminster’s neighborhoods range from established to newly built, and everything in between. A wonderful mix of homes that range from lovingly preserved, single-story ranch homes built in the 1970s, to brand new multi-story residences, line the safe streets of Westminster’s friendly neighborhoods.

Westminster is one of the best cities in the Denver area for growing families and couples who want to buy their first home. Brand new townhouses filled with modern amenities are a perfect choice for newly married couples while spacious single-family homes that sit under a canopy of mature trees and offer the chance to turn a house into a home.

In addition to some terrific options for starter-homes, Westminster also has its share of luxury properties that boast thousands of square feet, multiple bathrooms, and amazing features like recreation rooms, flex rooms, finished basements, and butler’s pantries. Many of the largest and most luxurious homes in Westminster were built this century, so they’ll wow you with their modernity and features.

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What’s unique about Westminster?

You’ve likely heard the expression in real estate that it’s all about “location, location, location,” and if any Colorado city was to win such an award, Westminster would easily take the crown. If you buy a home in Westminster, you’ll live just 20 minutes or so from downtown Denver and nearby Boulder where you can get your urban fix.

You’ll also be less than an hour away from some of the best ski slopes in the state, as well as the peaceful and expansive skyline of the Rocky Mountains. Of course, if you’re just looking to get a pizza for movie night or need to run to the store for some milk, those errands are never more than a few minutes away.


Where are the good schools in Westminster?

The large population of Westminster requires several schools to accommodate its students, so parents may choose from any one of several highly ranked schools for their child’s education. The City of Westminster has schools in three different school districts, and parents may choose from several private and public schools within those districts. One of the best features of Westminster’s neighborhoods is that many of them are within walking distance of elementary schools.


Sunset in Westminster, Colorado
By Kent Kanouse

What are the best things to do in Westminster?

Although Colorado and its beautiful mountain towns are a little far from the ocean, you’ll be close to just about everything else there is to do in life if you choose to live in Westminster. It’s hard not to adopt an outdoor lifestyle when you live in this thriving suburb when the city’s open areas and green spaces beg you to spend your days outside instead of cooped up in the house. Stroll or cycle around nearby Standley Lake on a sunny summer day or head into Denver to catch a Nuggets game at the Pepsi Center.

Even when the temperatures fall and snow covers everything around you, there’s nothing like spending an afternoon outside in Colorado. The bright mountain sunshine and expansive views, as well as the hundreds of miles of trails and ski slopes invite you to experience an unforgettable adventure that’s just a few minutes from your front door. Of course, if you’re interested in a slightly closer adventure, Westminster’s local golf courses will keep you busy for many weekend mornings, too.


Is Westminster right for me?

If you’ve ever wanted the comfort and security of living in a friendly suburban town while living within reach of mountain skiing, as well as urban pursuits in nearby Denver, you’ll find that Westminster is the perfect town for you. Enjoy the modern amenities of your wonderful home during the week and take off for adventures in the mountains every weekend. I encourage you to visit Westminster and see in person why so many people love this affable suburb. Connect with a real estate agent who can show you the inside scoop on Westminster’s exciting residential opportunities.


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