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    • January 2016 Market Update for Martin Acres and Majestic Heights



      Another one is in the bag for our Martin Acres and Majestic Heights neighborhoods! Let’s get right to the good stuff…

      We appreciated 18% this year and are right on track for double digits in 2016. This year looks a lot like last year. Let me summarize.

      Appreciation: In 2015 we appreciated 17-19%. In 2014 we appreciated 16-19%.

      Days to Contract: In 2015 it took an average of 2 weeks to get a property under contract. In 2014 the average was also 2 weeks.

      New Listings: The number of listings that hit the market in 2015 was down 19% from 2014 which was down 24% from 2013. Just when you think the market can’t get any tighter it does!

      And you know what that means don’t you? We are looking at another double-digit appreciati

      Written by David Lorraine
    • 2015 Performance

      Someone asked me if I feel that real estate in our neighborhood performed the way I expected in 2015. I’d answer “yes” to that question, and here’s why:

      Basement appreciation is back on track since the floods of 2013.

      We appreciated strong double digits.

      Many pop tops are in the works,.

      Sellers are few and buyers are many.

      The start of 2016 feels a lot like the start of 2015. Here we go Martin Acres! Hold on to your hats and enjoy the ride!

      Written by David Lorraine
    • Infographic: December 2015 Market Update for Martin Acres


      We are rounding third and being flagged on to home plate. This will be another grand slam year for Martin Acres and Majestic Heights real estate.

      The buyers have really taken a beating but there’s a fresh new line-up warming up right now and waiting to take the field in 2016. They are going to come out swinging hard! Let’s get down into some of the numbers.

      We’ll start with the November sales. That won’t take long… there were none. We had 2 sales in November of last year but this year is coming to a halt a bit early.

      Next let’s look at the number of active listings… there are none. Okay… moving on.

      There are two listings currently under contrac

      Written by David Lorraine
    • Infographic: November 2015 Market Update for Martin Acres

      We are on the final approach to January 1st and this is shaping up to be another very interesting year for south Boulder real estate. There are some market dynamics in our neighborhood that I would like to share with you.

      At the beginning of the year we thought inventory couldn’t get any tighter. 2014 had so few listings compared to previous years and there was such pent up demand from buyers that it seemed like there was only room for improvement. Well, I’m a little surprised to find that inventory in 2015 is down 17% from 2014. The shortage of listings would make sense if there was a shortage of buyers but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Our 2015 market was in as much demand as

      Written by David Lorraine
    • Infographic: October 2015 Market Update for Martin Acres

          We have ¾ of 2015 under our belts now and there’s no turning back. By this time in 2014 we had appreciated 13% from the year before and this year has been 16% over last year. As you’ve heard me say if you follow these updates this is healthy growth. My prediction would be that we w...
      Written by David Lorraine
    • Eat at the Kitchen Next Door on Monday Night and Support Creekside Elementary


      So, remember that romantic dinner you were planning to have? Or maybe just a nice night out from cooking at a great family restaurant at the beginning of yet another grueling work week? There’s a perfect solution for you.


      This Monday, 21 September, from 5 to 9 PM is the Creekside Elementary fundraiser dinner at the Kitchen Next Door at 1035 Pearl Street.  The restaurant is donating 50% back to the school, which is more than double what most restaurants donate.  It’s a great opportunity to have a nice night out and a delicious mea

      Written by David Lorraine
    • Farewell to Summer Fire truck and Face Painting Party!

      Hate to see summer go? It’s not gone yet, and this family events scheduled for this Sunday in front of Creekside Elementary School on Martin Drive will help ease the back to school pain. Come party with your Martin Acres community: Boulder Fire Department will be there in full gear with one of t...
      Written by David Lorraine

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