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    • Twenty Ninth Street proposing beer, wine kiosks for outdoor plaza

      Macerich, the majority owner of the Twenty Ninth Street Shopping district, has proposed plans to use the now vacant space, formerly home to the skating rink, to create an outdoor gathering space.  It will be open to the public, and the plan is to have wine and beer vendors operating from recycled shipping containers, with seating across the plaza.

      To read more about the future of this space, click here!


      Written by Marcia Cotlar
    • Via Perla Gets Ready for March Opening in Boulder

      Via Perla will be opening its doors for business this March!  The menu draws it’s inspiration from “all regions of Italy”, with the key being authenticity.  They will even have merenda, which means snack time in Italian, daily, 3:30-6p.m. , and a cena di famiglia, a family-style supper, every Sunday from noon-9pm.  To read more about the menu and plans for Via Perla, click here.


      Written by Marcia Cotlar
    • Mountain Lion Sighting

      A mountain lion was reported on Tuesday, December 1st at about 3 PM near the intersection of Cloverleaf and Lombardy.

      A second sighting was reported near the Mt Sanitas Trailhead yesterday, unknown what time that occurred.

      Please be careful when out with children and pets!


      Written by Marcia Cotlar
    • Bobcat Sighting in Mapleton

      There has been a bobcat spotted in the Mapleton neighborhood this last week, please be careful when out walking your dogs, or when kids are out playing.

      According to the Wildlife Coalition you should:

      Keep as much distance between you and the animal as possible
      Immediately protect children and pets
      Back away from the bobcat slowly and deliberately
      Avoid running away because that could trigger a pursuit response
      If possible, spray the animal with water
      When possible make a lot of noise (banging pans, for instance, or blowing an air horn)


      Written by Marcia Cotlar
    • Sunday is Porchfest!

      Hike or have brunch in the morning, but don’t miss Mapleton Hill’s own PorchFest, the neighborhood (free) musical walkabout that brings together local musicians and your neighbors’ porches for your enjoyment. So get your family and friends together and revel in the great weather and fantastic setting. Music Set One goes from 1:00-2:30 and Set 2 from 2:30 – 4:00pm. That’s right, 24 bands, 24 porches. Some of your favorite bands from last year are retu
      Written by Marcia Cotlar
    • Beware of Burglaries in the Neighborhood!

      Wednesday, August 19, 2015 Media Contacts: Laurie Ogden, Boulder Police, 303-441-3310 Suspect wanted in connection with numerous Boulder burglaries Over the last several months, the Boulder Police Department has taken approximately 20 burglary reports from victims who describe similar ...
      Written by Marcia Cotlar

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