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    • 7 Ways to Know You Live East of 76

      7 Ways to Know You Live East of 76

      1) Everyone waves going to and from work!

      2) More than once a quarter while coming home from “town” the cows will be loose on the road.

      3) You understand when your dog comes limping in the house he/she just has a goat head stuck in his foot and will kindly let you remove it.

      4) You know you have 30 minutes before the thunderstorm arrives because you can see it coming.

      5) Fences make great neighbors but don’t always keep the livestock in.

      6) Playing BINGO at the Legion in Keenesburg is really a great time.

      7) Pavement on the roads is a luxury, not a necessity.

      Written by Deb Stephenson
    • Performance Out East

      Performance Out East

      The question was proposed to me about my thoughts on the performance of the market East of 76. It did not take long for my answer, other than to say it has been terrific, this is a very strong up and coming area as more and more people are willing to trade the hustle and and bustle of city life, for the quiet easy going, opportunities that we enjoy East of 76. With all that said, it still takes a very different approach with marketing and sales to help people understand some of the trade off’s we make out here to enjoy those things.

      We are seeing strong growth in pricing, and days on market continuing to get shorter. Spring selling season is here and there appears to still be some pent up Buyer frustration of not finding the properties they want so now is a great time

      Written by Deb Stephenson
    • Why I Love Living East of 76

      Why I Love Living East of 76

      Why I personally choose to live East of 76: I was so drawn to the amazing views, the openness of the terrain, with many working farms and fields and the few loose cows. Not to mention there are some beautiful homes out here! I love the country feel here, yet can drive 30 minutes to be in Downtown Denver. Having been here for several years now, I really enjoy the old time neighbor helping neighbor attitude that comes living East of 76. If you wanted to have all the benefits of country life and strong sense of community this would be an area to explore as a place to call home.

      Written by Deb Stephenson

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