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    • Call for Action

      Call for Action

      Dear Emilie,

      Thanks to you, and more than 197,000 REALTORS across the nation, the Surface Transportation Reauthorization and Reform Act of 2015, which was signed into law does NOT include an extension of guarantee-fees.

      The NAR Leadership Team and I would like to thank you and your colleagues for this record breaking level of support for a national Call for Action.  Our state and local association partners did a great job in leading the efforts to stop Congress from taxing homeowners to fund the transportation bill.

      This victory was made possible

      Written by Emilie Hogy
    • Infographic: November 2015 Market Update for Heritage Eagle Bend

      Infographic: November 2015 Market Update for Heritage Eagle Bend


      We are in the busiest time of the year, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Most of us will have lots of family gatherings or will be visiting family out of town.  Stay safe and enjoy your time together.

      So, how has our market here in HeEB performed in 2015?  While our prices have been increasing in the HEB community, the number of sales year-to-date are down slightly from the last two years.


      2013 HEB’s sales were 25 MF and 105 SF for a total of 130 sold

      2014 HEB’s sales were 35 MF  and 61 SF for a total of 96 Sold

      2015 HEB sales YTD are 43 MF and 42 SF for a total of 85 Sold.


      Most likely we won’t be closing 2 per week for the r

      Written by Emilie Hogy
    • Why I live in HEB

      Why I live in HEB

      Over the years I have sold property in the Heritage Eagle Bend community, and It didn’t take me long to know that one day I wanted to live here. My husband Dell and I moved into HEB in August of 2014, and honestly I wish we had come 10 years sooner. The residents are wonderful, full of life people, and came here for the same reason we did. The low maintenance, easy and active lifestyle make us all feel like kids again!! I have chosen to make myself one of the “experts” for the real estate needs of the 45+ & 55+ communities buyers and sellers. Simplifying your life should leave you OVERJOYED, not overwhelmed!

      Written by Emilie Hogy

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