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    • February 2016 Market Update for Golden

      February 2016 Market Update for Golden

      Buyers and Sellers are experiencing mixed emotions in our current market conditions. On one hand, it’s a seller’s market with most homes selling for fast and for at least 94% of the list price (at lower price points, below 500k, it’s common for properties to sell on avg. between 102%-106% of the list price). Then on the other hand, we have many frustrated buyers in this seller’s market due to a lack of properties for sale. Furthermore, many properties that are for sale in this market are in less than desirable condition and/or locations (by freeways, busy streets, etc.). Most buyers and Realtors are constantly refreshing searches for new listings multiple times a day only to discover that nothing new has been listed.

      Golden Neighborhood Stats

      Total Volume Sold in Jan 2016 = $1,835,000
      Avg Sold Price = $917,500
      Avg PSF Total = $212
      Avg Days on Market (DOM) = 56
      There are currently 6 Active/Available p

      Written by Jason Quade
    • January 2016 Market Update for Golden

      January 2016 Market Update for Golden

      Overall, there is a bit more inventory currently on the market in the Golden area than there was this time last year (Jan 2015). On the other hand, there were more sold properties (Dec 2015) than there were the previous year (Dec 2014). While it’s still considered a Seller’s market in most Golden neighborhoods, hopefully, we will see more and more inventory come on the market this spring that will lead to a more balanced market for buyers and seller in 2016!

      Golden Neighborhood Stats

      Downtown Golden
      Total Volume Sold in Dec 2015 = $745,000
      Avg Sold Price = $372,500
      Avg PSF Total = $245
      Avg Days on Market (DOM) = 18
      There are currently 7 Active/

      Written by Jason Quade
    • Possible Rezone

      Possible Rezone

      The owner of the 6+ acre property with a home and 1 acre pond located on the SE corner of 32nd Ave and Kendrick St (at the entrance to the Rolling Hills neighborhood/country club) is requesting a rezone from A-2 to PD to allow for 16 family homes on the 6.14 acre parcel. This particular property has been on and off the market since 2012 without selling. Some residents feel that this will change the character/feel of the neighborhood and that the Bulk Elk and other animals that frequent this patch of land will not be seen anymore.

      A meeting to discuss concerns is scheduled at the Rolling Hills Country Club at 15707 W 26th Ave in Golden on December 17th 2015 6-8pm


      Written by Jason Quade
    • Infographic: November 2015 Market Update for Downtown Golden/Applewood Mesa

      Infographic: November 2015 Market Update for Downtown Golden/Applewood Mesa

      Seasonality, this Autumn we are seeing a more typical seasonality in the Golden Real Estate Market for the first time since the frenzied market began a couple years ago. Although Days on Market (DOM) have increased a bit due to the school season, the holidays and the cooler weather…we are still experiencing an active market with some buyers taking advantage of the still low interest rates before they go up. In addition, with a bit more inventory, there’s a few more options out there to choose from. As always, the sales price has to be right and we are seeing many of the current listing’s listing high, then reducing before going under contract. Please feel free to call me anytime with any questions about the market and/or to discuss our current market conditions!


      Written by Jason Quade

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