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    • January 2016 Market Update for Congress Park

      January 2016 Market Update for Congress Park


      The Congress Park market had its usual slowdown during the holidays. Less new inventory…less than the other months of 2015. As the new year begins, slowly but surly, new properties are coming to market. 828 Garfield came to market as I am typing (great block!) You might recognize the address, it was flipped just recently, and the new owner has been relocated with his job.

      Can prices go higher in 2016? I ate my hat several times last year, I am amazed at what prices the market is bringing. Garfield’s asking price is over $530/psf above ground! That is a heap of money for a 1,128 sqft ranch with a 1 car garage.

      There were so many sales that amazed me. Most notably in the past few

      Written by Leslie Resnick
    • Infographic: December 2015 Market Update for Congress Park

      Infographic: December 2015 Market Update for Congress Park

      Only 8 properties are available in Congress Park!?! OK, I am not including condos, but still, what a tiny number! And if I deleted the property on Colorado Blvd, there would be just 7! The lowest price is just under a half million ($467,500), and the highest is $750,000. and to think that my grandparents bought their place on Detroit for $12,500.

      In the past 90 days, 27 properties closed. That seems to be a small number, but with such little inventory, it is probably spot on. $295,000 was the lowest price, and I was surprised to see that 9 of the 27 sales had but one bathroom. The high end was just over a million at $1,050,000. Built in 1997, and backing to Congress Park. I tried to see it, t

      Written by Leslie Resnick
    • Halloween


      Spending my formative years knocking on door on Halloween in hopes of full sized candy bars makes me smile. My dad being the children’s dentist for the neighborhood always did his best to do the impossible. To not give out candy. He still, to this day gives out apples. And the apples are all thrown away as soon as the kids leave his property.

      I am giving out yo-yos this year!


      Written by Leslie Resnick
    • Fall in Congress Park

      Fall in Congress Park

      As summer melds into fall, we have seen the temperatures begin to bounce all over the board. Here comes winter! Don’t forget to blow out your sprinkler, unhook your hose, and if it is time to move, call me and let me tell you about 8z Real Estates marketing program!

      Written by Leslie Resnick

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