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    • January 2016 Market Update for Troutman Park


      Right now the only home available in Troutman Park is 3852 Century Dr. It’s been on the market since 12/04/2015 and is listed at $399,900 which is $44,900 higher than the all time highest sales price in your neighborhood (800 Grand Lake Ct)

      Here is the 2015 year end real estate review for your neighborhood:

      After all the smoke settled at the end of 2015 there were 78 homes that sold throughout the year in the Troutman Park community at a total volume of $22,499,445!

      They ranged from $218,325-$355,000 at an average of $288,454 and a median price of $290,000. The average days on market was 37.

      Compare that to 2014′s totals:
      75 homes sold
      $19,135,100 t

      Written by Brandon Bidwell
    • Infographic: November 2015 Market Update for Troutman Park

      There are 6 homes on the market right now in Troutman Park and they’re all under contract. These properties range in price from $260,000-$350,000 at an average of $300,200.

      Last month at this time there were 10 houses for sale in your neighborhood and 9 of them were under contract.

      The two homes that became available most recently went under contract pretty quickly for this time of year:

      368 Albion Way – under contract in 2 days
      701 Coronado Ave – under contract in 3 days

      Compare that to the averages of 36 days and $10,625 in price reductions that it took the 4 others out there to go under contract.

      There were 6 properties that sold in Troutman Park this October. They ranged from $235,000-$325,000 at an average of $284,333.

      In Octobe

      Written by Brandon Bidwell
    • Infographic: October 2015 Market Update for Troutman Park


      Right now in Troutman Park’s neighborhoods:

      10 homes are listed for sale.
      9 of those are currently under contract.

      This leaves 418 Thrasher St as the only property available!

      The average price per square foot for these homes is $159.81

      One trend we’ve noticed with the seasonality of real estate sales here in Fort Collins is the significant decline in buyer activity in August and September. Most home owners do not realized this however and continue to put homes up for sale during this time (often at very high prices)! This creates a temporary swell in available inventory and more favorable conditions for buyers.

      To give you an idea of h

      Written by Brandon Bidwell

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