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    • Snow Day

      Snow Day


      Coinciding with Groundhog Day, Fort Collins schools had their first snow day of 2016 today. My neighborhood school, Beattie Elementary, was among the schools closed so my two kids have been home helping neighbors shovel the foot of snow, build snow forts and catch up on school projects. It’s always awesome to see my neighbors helping each other out with shoveling, snow blowing or helping move anyone unfortunate enough to get their car stuck.

      Beattie Park is beautiful when there’s substantial accumulation; today was no exception. Enjoy a few pictures of the school, the park and the ‘hood.

      Written by Crip Erickson
    • January 2016 Market Update for Midtown

      January 2016 Market Update for Midtown

      Midtown’s inventory and sales were solid for a December, with five sales during the month and two new listings hitting the market. Two more listings still remain from November as well, and there are currently no active properties. Even the top-of-the-market properties backing to the railroad tracks in not-perfect condition are under contract. The average sale price was $269,400, lowest sale was $232,500 and the highest was $321,000.

      It is interesting to point out that the lowest sale (321 Del Clair at $232,500) had a relative price of $230/sq ft, c

      Written by Crip Erickson
    • You Know You Live in Midtown Fort Collins When….

      You Know You Live in Midtown Fort Collins When….

      1. You roller skated in the Mall before its renovation.

      2. You’ve witnessed the, er, emotional responses to a little boy losing his drone on

      3. Everyone that comes to your house is blown away by the size of your yard.

      4. You have multiple ways of avoiding College.

      5. The arrival of the Cinemark XD has you weighing the benefits of leather recliners vs. the Carmike’s $4 bucket of much better popcorn.

      6. You sympathize with the struggle of driving by the Porsche dealership every day.

      7. You know what BAT stands for.

      8. You’re no longer jealous of Old Town having all the decent restaurants and breweries.


      Written by Crip Erickson
    • The Cinemark Bistro XD

      The Cinemark Bistro XD

      The Cinemark Bistro XD at Foothills Mall opened on October 29th to little fanfare. Some people probably noticed the red carpet-like searchlights lighting up the sky of midtown while out trick-or-treating on Halloween. While I haven’t experienced a crazy, packed house there, I have caught a couple of movies since it opened. The short version of this review: It’s an outstanding theater with lousy popcorn.

      The XD in the title refers to “eXtreme Digital” which is just a fancy and kind of silly way of saying they have a HUGE screen and a crazy loud sound system in the main 225-seat auditorium that will showcase the more blockbuster movies. When the theater opened “The Martian” was in this auditorium; now it’s “Spectre”.

      The Bistro portion of the title means there’s food of the burger and pizza variety. There’s also beer, wine and a legit Starbucks. Entrees can be delivered to your seats up until the show star

      Written by Crip Erickson
    • Infographic: October 2015 Market Update for Midtown

      Infographic: October 2015 Market Update for Midtown

      As predicted, inventory levels have begun to rise slightly which is typical of the fall season. With more buyers taking August and September to settle in for a new school year, there is more opportunity to avoid the bidding wars of spring and summer.

      Currently there is one active home in the midtown area, five under contract, and eight that sold in the September/October months thus far.

      As one would expect, listing prices continued an upward trend but there was an even balance of properties selling at list price, above list and below list. This was largely dependent on condition and original pricing.

      In 2014 during the same period there were 10 properties sold, with a low price of $197,500, a hi

      Written by Crip Erickson

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