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    • Top 8 Reasons You Know You’re a Gunbarrel Local

      You have gorgeous back range views and always wonder why people who live in the City limits of Boulder, pay so much for homes that are half the size of yours’ when they’re IN the view and don’t get to see it.

      You frequent Avery’s Brewery so often that they’ve named a beer after you.

      Parking is never an issue!

      You drive either a minivan, a Subaru or a golf cart (In some cases all three).

      Whenever you go to King Soopers you always think to yourself that if they served cocktails, it would make for a great Happy Hour, since you know everyone that works there and everyone that shops there (at any time of day or night).

      When walking around Twin Lakes, you know the name of every dog.

      You always wonder why the Boulder Country Club isn’t called the Gunbarrel Country Club.

      You either have kids and two dogs OR you’re retired.


      Written by Julia Cantarovici
    • Infographic: November 2015 Market Update for Gunbarrel Pulse


      There are currently 8 homes on the market. Three of the eight have been on the market for over 200 days, which is a long time in our current real estate environment. Another home has been on the market for 75 days. The rest are within the last 2 weeks. Currently 19 homes are under contract. The average days to contract was 50. The lower price point homes tend to go under contract within the first few days, with the higher price points taking up to five or six months, which tends to throw the average off. 6 homes sold in October ranging from $388,000 – $800,000. All of these homes went under contract fairly quickly and closed within 40 days.

      7306 Windsor Drive went under contract before it even hit the market. It sold for the full asking price of $590,000. 4500 Mulberry Court sold

      Written by Julia Cantarovici
    • Warming Gunbarrel and Boulder… One Coat at a Time

      I am partnering with One Warm Coat to collect clean, gently worn coats, children’s boots & outerwear on behalf of the Sister Carmen Community Center. Here is how to donate:

      1). Email ( or call (720-203-7789) me to arrange a pickup at your home.

      2). Drop off at my Boulder office through Oct 31st. 1075 E. South Boulder Rd, Suite 225, Louisville, CO 80027.

      Written by Julia Cantarovici

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