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    • January 2016 Market Update for Northside

      A YEAR IN REVIEW for Louisville Homes on the “Northside” of S. Boulder Rd.

      2015 was one of the best years for real estate appreciation in decades. There are lots of intangible factors that determine market value for a specific home but averages are a great way to analyze how things are generally trending in our market. The average price of a home on the Northside of Louisville jumped to $561,000 (up an extraordinary 35% from $417,000 in 2014).

      Here are some interesting comparisons from 2014 to 2015 that can be used as a barometer of real estate growth. (Data only includes Single Family Homes and does not include condo/townhome data)

      • 39 single family homes sold for an approximate volume of

      Written by Peggy Wood
    • Infographic: October 2015 Market Update for Northside


      So far this beautiful warm, if not hot, Autumn has kept the real estate market at least warm, if not still hot as well.

      As we head into the winter months the seasonality of real estate in Colorado will slowly shift the market to be a bit more balanced between buyers and sellers (but will generally still favor sellers) . So far though it’s been an extended summer in terms of real estate trends.

      Currently in our lovely Northside neighborhoods, there are 9 residential homes for sale (of which 5 are under-contract).

      Condo/Townhome sales are about the same as they were last year at this time. The reality is that the attached dwelling market would be at a near complete stands

      Written by Peggy Wood
    • Infographic: September 2015 Market Update for Northside

      It’s been a good summer for our Northside neighborhoods. 23 homes sold between June 1 and Aug 31, 2015. And there are another 8 homes that are/have been under contract and getting ready to close now.

      As of today, there are only 4 homes still available on the Northside. These 4 homes demonstrate the importance of PRICING YOUR LISTING APPROPRIATELY FROM THE BEGINNING. There is a way to find the average price of a home per sq ft for an area (ask me for this fun graph). Once that average is found, a seller can move up or down the price ladder based on location and condition. People who want to sell in Louisville are generally making the “required” upgrades or are willing to price their h

      Written by Peggy Wood

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