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    • Broncos Bringing Neighbors Together

      Broncos Bringing Neighbors Together


      GOOOO BRONCOS!!! It was great to see the shared interest in the Denver Broncos bring the residents of South Alameda together in the spirit of fun, family & community! I was able to be a part of a fabulous Super Bowl Party & Fundraiser at one of my favorite South Alameda properties with Mr. Robert Torres and his family. South Alameda, you have a special place in my heart along side with the residence and the local interest. I look forward to a great 2016 Spring and hopefully many more events to grow and support the community .

  • January 2016 Market Update for South Alameda & Jefferson Gardens

    January 2016 Market Update for South Alameda & Jefferson Gardens

    In December there were 5 new listings, which maintained the level of inventory that November brought as well! As the excitement about Bellmar and the growing community amenities continues to gain recognition along with the “fix n flip” home owners now seeing the value in updating aged finishes and selling, this area will continue to see rising single family home prices. South Alameda has finally caught up with the Denver swing and can expect to watch a continued upward rise.

    Prices are rising per sq foot, up from Novembers average of $135 to the December average of $148. While September- November did have a few entry level priced homes in the high $100,000s, December is contrasting with larger properties,

    Written by Leah Omilion
  • HOT Holiday Home Sales

    HOT Holiday Home Sales

    The Holidays are an ideal time for House Hunting – !!!!
    If you are thinking about selling, The inventory is incredibly Low, which automatically places your home in HIGH DEMAND!!!

    If you’re house hunting over the holidays, you’re likely a serious buyer with an immediate need. Perhaps you have to relocate for a new job opportunity, or there’s been a change in your personal life? Regardless, while you may assume it’s not an ideal time to be looking — namely because there isn’t much to look at — there are some advantages to buying this time of year.

    Less competition

    Let’s start with the obvious one: less competition. This lowers the chances of multiple offers and bidding wars (something we saw a lot of last spring/summer), and should translate into a bigger discount for you. Know your market! This is where sites like Zillow come in handy. Start your research here for comps in your area and to see what homes are selling for.


    Written by Leah Omilion

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