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    My personal buy-side strengths include listening to what buyers are saying, but reading between the lines. Buyers find my support, patience and market awareness to be great assets during their home search. My buy-side services span across Boulder, Lafayette, Louisville, Superior, Erie, Longmont, Broomfield and Westminster. And I have specific experties in Boulder’s Columbine neighborhood.

    Sometimes clients don’t know how to visualize and identify their perfect property until it is right in front of them. I pay careful attention to every aspect of their concerns to go out on limb and supply them with in-depth personalized searches to provide suggestions on possible dream homes.

    And I do strive to make the buying process as simple as possible.

    Many buyers want to see dozens of homes, and property features tend to blur together after the umpteenth viewing. But I provide full showing guides so that clients can take thorough notes on every single property they review. And once they collect their thoughts and process the tours, they can refer back to their notes to stay organized and let me worry about supplementing the details.

    I easily help clients to visualize the potential in any property, but realistically ground possibilities by providing experienced know how on what it will take to get them there.

    One can’t put a time frame on finding the perfect home, as the buying process can take a few hours or a few years. But my patience and diligence ensures that I remain invested in my clients for the long run. After all, this is their journey, not mine.

    I am very respectful of clients’ wants and desires, guide them with professional representation and support them through the every step of the purchase. But ultimately, I let them make the decisions.

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