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    There are around 80 recognized neighborhoods in the Mile-High City, as confirmed by the City and County of Denver. With my guidance, buyers will learn how to uncover vast night-and-day differences from one locality to the next, as well as pinpointing the slight nuances between block and street positioning.

    I chiefly service Denver Proper and specialize in all surrounding sub-areas The Highlands community is my specific specialty, including the Sloan Lake, Berkeley, Lower Highlands, West Highland and Sunnyside neighborhoods.

    I am the expert of all things Denver.

    With my buyers’ interests in mind, I am extremely thorough when showing property, offer professional opinion and understand that resale should be a consideration when purchasing. When that ideal home is found, I am an excellent negotiator and frequently follow-up to secure a home purchase.


    Please feel free to begin your home search now by sifting through our website’s thousands of listings or login and set up for our Automated HomeAlerts. We’ll send you daily emails with the newest listings on the market. When you find a home that interests you, let me know!


    Click below for market data, events, local stories and so much more:
    Highlands’ Premier Community Website
    Not just real estate… real LIFE in Highlands.

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