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    Introducing Shebon Kelin and the Mayfair Pulse

    Myafair Pulse

    My name is Shebon Kelin and I would like to introduce myself as well as our blog, the Mayfair Pulse. I am the Mayfair Pulse market expert for 8z Real Estate. I am a valuable source of community information in the Mayfair area. My family and I have lived in the Mayfair area since 2003, and although we have seen a changing landscape from Colfax the 8th, we are happy to say that the great heart of our neighborhood has remained unchanged. My wife and I enjoy taking our children to Mayfair and Lindsley Parks as well as supporting the great local businesses that also call Mayfair home. We chose to settle in Mayfair because we loved the character of the homes and the location as well as it being the kind of neighborhood that retains an old feel without the congestion of the surrounding areas. We love the concerts, the annual Garden Tour ,the MayFAIR Fair, and the Annual Egg Hunt. Just 15 minuets from Downtown Denver, Cherry Creek, and Stapleton – Mayfair is in a great location and offers an easy commute to the rest of the greater-metro area. I am the best source of Real Estate information for the area because I know Mayfair so well. Having called Mayfair my home for over a decade, I know what a great kept secret this neighborhood is. I have paired my real estate knowledge with the powerful online tools and market data the 8z Real Estate has to offer. I have a high level of understanding of the neighborhood and the unique characteristics Mayfair has to offer. I strive to understand the different effects on the market to have the ability to communicate the most up-to-date information for my clients to help them make the best decisions and achieve their goals.

    I’ve launched Mayfair Pulse as a way to keep the current residents informed of what is happening in their community. This includes information to help current homeowners know what their home is worth, ways to make it more valuable, and to know what others in their neighborhood are up to. It’s also a forum for the community to have discussions about what’s happening around the neighborhood.

    Keep up to date with the Mayfair Facebook page or on the blog. If we haven’t already, I look forward to meeting you. And for those of you who are new to the Mayfair community, welcome!

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