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    Working with Sellers, the strategy is to sell quickly and get them the equity they need out of it. In some cases in today’s market, that is a great challenge.  The key component is the market research that I do to ensure the right price point as well as the timeframe.  Anyone can stick a “for sale” sign in the front yard and pick a price, but with that comes a lot of guessing games, stress and heartache that is completely unnecessary.

    No matter what, you want to know that you have someone you can trust, is experienced, and has a great team of professionals to help get the job done right and I am THAT person!

    Coupling with 8z Real Estate has allowed me to join a team that utilizes state-of-the-art tools to attract potential buyers. My sellers’ properties will receive an attractive yard sign and their own personal website.

    Beyond that, our team’s websites send out thousands of emails nightly that feature my listings.

    My sell-side tactics also include proactive marketing from the Client Care Team and a Preview Listing Program that allows me to market listings to buyers that are looking for “new and exclusive” opportunities before they hit the MLS.

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