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    STOP! For once, traffic news that is great news!

    Over the past year, residents in the Cory Merrill & Bonnie Brae community have gotten serious about how urban living affects pedestrians and bicyclers in the neighborhood. Thanks to the tireless efforts of a Cory Elementary School committee, led by Cory Merrill resident Samantha Powell, and supported by Cory Elementary School Principal Jennifer Harris, the city has made major changes that will slow traffic and bring awareness to how to share the roadways. 

    Signs like these are not just in neighbors’ yards on nearly every block, but also now appear on stop signs and street markers, reminding us all that safety is a top priority. Moreover, the NEW stop light at the intersection of Florida and Steel near Cory Elementary is now a 4-way Stop and Walk for traffic in ALL directions, minimizing the dangers of people turning on red lights while pedestrians are present. This new traffic condition will take residents some getting used to, but it police and community traffic engineers believe this is the best solution for safety. The tragic death of a small boy earlier this year near Bonnie Brae Ice Cream also mobilized and galvanized public support for increased education and traffic signs to mitigate the urge to drive too fast through the neighborhoods.
    I am so proud of the community spirit of this neighborhood. Cory Merrill and Bonnie Brae are leading Denver’s urban communities in awareness of the safety of all our neighbors — whether in cars, on bikes or on foot.


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