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    • Why I live in Clover Basin

      Why I live in Clover Basin

      Back when I first moved to the SW corner of Longmont 17 years ago, it had little to offer other than actual location. (and yes, I’m speaking of proximity to Boulder)
      But now….

      I LOVE living where I live! This little corner of Longmont has blossomed into one of the premier locations in not only Longmont, but Boulder County. Our community has so much to offer, it is hard to list it all! (and get ready, I am going to attempt to list it all now!!)

      Open space, walking paths, great schools, coffee shops (Que’s), restaurants (Protos, Sakura), pubs (Cyclhops), Farmers Market, Whole Foods (opening soon), state of the art movie theater (opening soon), breweries (Longmont now has 7), sky-diving, and… much much more!

      I have to admit… with so much to do right here in my backyard, I don’t go to Boulder as much any more!

      Written by Anne Dorozenski

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