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    • February 2016 Market Update for Golden

      Buyers and Sellers are experiencing mixed emotions in our current market conditions. On one hand, it’s a seller’s market with most homes selling for fast and for at least 94% of the list price (at lower price points, below 500k, it’s common for properties to sell on avg. between 102%-106% of the list price). Then on the other hand, we have many frustrated buyers in this seller’s market due to a lack of properties for sale. Furthermore, many properties that are for sale in this market are in less than desirable condition and/or locations (by freeways, busy streets, etc.). Most buyers and Realtors are constantly refreshing searches for new listings multiple times a day only to discover that nothing new has been listed.

      Golden Neighborhood Stats

      Total Volume Sold in Jan 2016 = $1,835,000
      Avg Sold Price = $917,500
      Avg PSF Total = $212
      Avg Days on Market (DOM) = 56
      There are currently 6 Active/Available p

      Written by Jason Quade
    • January 2016 Market Update for Golden

      Overall, there is a bit more inventory currently on the market in the Golden area than there was this time last year (Jan 2015). On the other hand, there were more sold properties (Dec 2015) than there were the previous year (Dec 2014). While it’s still considered a Seller’s market in most Golden neighborhoods, hopefully, we will see more and more inventory come on the market this spring that will lead to a more balanced market for buyers and seller in 2016!

      Golden Neighborhood Stats

      Downtown Golden
      Total Volume Sold in Dec 2015 = $745,000
      Avg Sold Price = $372,500
      Avg PSF Total = $245
      Avg Days on Market (DOM) = 18
      There are currently 7 Active/

      Written by Jason Quade

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