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    • The Cinemark Bistro XD

      The Cinemark Bistro XD

      The Cinemark Bistro XD at Foothills Mall opened on October 29th to little fanfare. Some people probably noticed the red carpet-like searchlights lighting up the sky of midtown while out trick-or-treating on Halloween. While I haven’t experienced a crazy, packed house there, I have caught a couple of movies since it opened. The short version of this review: It’s an outstanding theater with lousy popcorn.

      The XD in the title refers to “eXtreme Digital” which is just a fancy and kind of silly way of saying they have a HUGE screen and a crazy loud sound system in the main 225-seat auditorium that will showcase the more blockbuster movies. When the theater opened “The Martian” was in this auditorium; now it’s “Spectre”.

      The Bistro portion of the title means there’s food of the burger and pizza variety. There’s also beer, wine and a legit Starbucks. Entrees can be delivered to your seats up until the show star

      Written by Crip Erickson

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