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    • January 2016 Market Update for Rock Creek North

      Hi Folks, I want to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to everyone in Rock Creek. For 24 years I’ve been able to serve the needs of this community in a variety of ways from school fundraisers, a community directory, flags, pumpkins, and even Santa visits (for those who remember). Along the way I have made a living for my family, and made trusted friends and clients. Most importantly, I have been able to assist hundreds of families with the transition into, or out of, a home. Buying or selling a home, and eventually moving, can be one of life’s most stressful events. Being chosen again and again by Rock Creek families to assist with that move has been my honor. Thank you for allowing me to share my p

      Written by Brad Klein
    • Infographic: November 2015 Market Update for Rock Creek North

      The Rock Creek market took a brief hiatus from late August though the end of September. Homes were selling during this time, but the multiple offers and short days on the market dwindled to only the lower priced homes. It was the homes priced above $500k that saw some weakening in the marketplace. This condition has righted itself in October and most of the available inventory has gone under contract. I have seen this cycle before with the seasonal change of end of summer/school resuming, but because of the breakneck pace our market has demonstrated over the last 3 years, the seasonal slowdown surprised homeowners and Realtors alike.

      Written by Brad Klein
  • Infographic: August 2015 Market Update for Rock Creek North

      Hi Folks, According to data provider Core Logic, U.S. home prices have increased 40 straight months. Here in Rock Creek we have experienced almost 4 years of solid appreciation and this year may be the strongest of the last four. I am seeing the average price per series is up over last...
    Written by Brad Klein

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