Category: Snow Day

    • Sled Hill

      I believe the sled hill at the corner of Clover Basin and Grandview Meadows was the place to be and be seen today!
      Looks like anybody and everybody with a sled was there!!

      Written by Anne Dorozenski
    • Snow Day


      Coinciding with Groundhog Day, Fort Collins schools had their first snow day of 2016 today. My neighborhood school, Beattie Elementary, was among the schools closed so my two kids have been home helping neighbors shovel the foot of snow, build snow forts and catch up on school projects. It’s always awesome to see my neighbors helping each other out with shoveling, snow blowing or helping move anyone unfortunate enough to get their car stuck.

      Beattie Park is beautiful when there’s substantial accumulation; today was no exception. Enjoy a few pictures of the school, the park and the ‘hood.

      Written by Crip Erickson

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