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    • 7 Ways to Know You Live East of 76

      1) Everyone waves going to and from work!

      2) More than once a quarter while coming home from “town” the cows will be loose on the road.

      3) You understand when your dog comes limping in the house he/she just has a goat head stuck in his foot and will kindly let you remove it.

      4) You know you have 30 minutes before the thunderstorm arrives because you can see it coming.

      5) Fences make great neighbors but don’t always keep the livestock in.

      6) Playing BINGO at the Legion in Keenesburg is really a great time.

      7) Pavement on the roads is a luxury, not a necessity.

      Written by Deb Stephenson
    • You Know You Live in Midtown Fort Collins When….

      1. You roller skated in the Mall before its renovation.

      2. You’ve witnessed the, er, emotional responses to a little boy losing his drone on

      3. Everyone that comes to your house is blown away by the size of your yard.

      4. You have multiple ways of avoiding College.

      5. The arrival of the Cinemark XD has you weighing the benefits of leather recliners vs. the Carmike’s $4 bucket of much better popcorn.

      6. You sympathize with the struggle of driving by the Porsche dealership every day.

      7. You know what BAT stands for.

      8. You’re no longer jealous of Old Town having all the decent restaurants and breweries.


      Written by Crip Erickson
    • You Know You’re From Arvada Creek When…

      1. When you know the A Line Airport shuttle leaves right on the hour and will not wait one min later.. Efficiency at its best.

      2. When you know you can eat at Panera bread company on 80th and Wadsworth with no lines at lunch because everyone is hitting up the new Kneaders bread company because its a brand new restaurant in Arvada. When the crowd goes one way, I go the other… LOL

      3. When you know the most peaceful grocery shopping is after half time of any Bronco Game at the King Soopers on 80th and Wadsworth. Yeah, #NOLINES, #ALLTOYOURSELF, #RUNTHROUGHTHEAISLESHAPPY

      4. When you KNOW the best HomeDepot in all of Colorado and Arvada is on 52nd and Wadsworth. If you cannot find anything here, give it up and just go home.

      5. When you rush to the farmers market every Sunday morning in Olde town Arvada waiting for dip/salsa packet man to open.. Yummy I love to test out the dips and pretzels in dixie cups.

      6. When you KNOW you need to slow down unde

      Written by Aimee Quaratino
    • Top 8 Reasons You Know You’re a Gunbarrel Local

      You have gorgeous back range views and always wonder why people who live in the City limits of Boulder, pay so much for homes that are half the size of yours’ when they’re IN the view and don’t get to see it.

      You frequent Avery’s Brewery so often that they’ve named a beer after you.

      Parking is never an issue!

      You drive either a minivan, a Subaru or a golf cart (In some cases all three).

      Whenever you go to King Soopers you always think to yourself that if they served cocktails, it would make for a great Happy Hour, since you know everyone that works there and everyone that shops there (at any time of day or night).

      When walking around Twin Lakes, you know the name of every dog.

      You always wonder why the Boulder Country Club isn’t called the Gunbarrel Country Club.

      You either have kids and two dogs OR you’re retired.


      Written by Julia Cantarovici
    • You Know You’re From Golden When…

      1. You have at least 5 mountain bikes.

      2. You stop saying “That’s my favorite Car Wash”, when you pass by A Better Car Wash.

      3. You love craft beer and frequent all four Golden microbreweries.

      4. You name your kid “Cody” (Buffalo Bill).

      5. You have a garage, but your car is parked outside. A garage is for toys, right?

      Written by Jillian Skinner
    • 8 Ways You Know You’re an Eisenhower Neighbor

      1) You know what “Rock Park” is (extra credit if you’ve crawled inside)

      2) You enjoy walks down the Centennial Trail

      3) You’re a member at the Meadows Club (or you’re on the 2 year wait list)

      4) You get mad at drivers that use 55th as a way to leave Boulder

      5) You eat at Pica’s and drink coffee at Ozo’s

      6) It’s faster to ride your bike to downtown vs. driving

      7) You’ve played in the Eisenhower Elementary Dodgeball tournament

      8) You love your neighbors and love where you live!


      Written by Erik Boye

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