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    Top 8 Reasons You Know You’re a Gunbarrel Local

    You have gorgeous back range views and always wonder why people who live in the City limits of Boulder, pay so much for homes that are half the size of yours’ when they’re IN the view and don’t get to see it.

    You frequent Avery’s Brewery so often that they’ve named a beer after you.

    Parking is never an issue!

    You drive either a minivan, a Subaru or a golf cart (In some cases all three).

    Whenever you go to King Soopers you always think to yourself that if they served cocktails, it would make for a great Happy Hour, since you know everyone that works there and everyone that shops there (at any time of day or night).

    When walking around Twin Lakes, you know the name of every dog.

    You always wonder why the Boulder Country Club isn’t called the Gunbarrel Country Club.

    You either have kids and two dogs OR you’re retired.


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