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    You Know You’re From Arvada Creek When…

    1. When you know the A Line Airport shuttle leaves right on the hour and will not wait one min later.. Efficiency at its best.

    2. When you know you can eat at Panera bread company on 80th and Wadsworth with no lines at lunch because everyone is hitting up the new Kneaders bread company because its a brand new restaurant in Arvada. When the crowd goes one way, I go the other… LOL

    3. When you know the most peaceful grocery shopping is after half time of any Bronco Game at the King Soopers on 80th and Wadsworth. Yeah, #NOLINES, #ALLTOYOURSELF, #RUNTHROUGHTHEAISLESHAPPY

    4. When you KNOW the best HomeDepot in all of Colorado and Arvada is on 52nd and Wadsworth. If you cannot find anything here, give it up and just go home.

    5. When you rush to the farmers market every Sunday morning in Olde town Arvada waiting for dip/salsa packet man to open.. Yummy I love to test out the dips and pretzels in dixie cups.

    6. When you KNOW you need to slow down under the rail road tracks on Wadsworth heading south on 60th wads… If not ( RED LIGHT and SIRENS, Speeding ticket ) has pulled you over by 7/11 on ralston road.

    7. When you know NOT to attempt driving on HWY 93 when it hits the news… When they say high winds, they mean High winds… ! Dont do it.

    8. When you know late night dinner treats from 10-11pm is at Bluegrass, Fuzzy tacos or Avada Tavern.. Last place to get quality food if you are starvin marvin and stuck in Arvada after 10pm

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