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What’s it Like to Live in Applewood in Lakewood, CO?

Meet 8z Real Estate.  It can be a lot of work to sort through prospective places to live. Even when you already know you’re in love with Colorado, the options are still limitless! We figured this guide series should help with all your house hunting questions, so keep reading to learn all about life in Applewood.

Oh Dear, A Sunset!
By Zach Dischner

What’s it like to live in Applewood?

Applewood is tucked in between the senior-filled relaxed suburb of Wheat Ridge, and the cheerful cowboy-and-college town of Golden. (Most addresses in Applewood are in Golden, but the neighborhood is generally more closely associated with Lakewood by population and proximity.) Residents of the Jefferson County area are typically really relaxed people, who enjoy the outdoors and quiet space, so Applewood is roomy and full of golf courses, hiking trails, and parks.

Applewood is notably green and tree-saturated, far more than the farmland you find in other parts of Lakewood; it looks like the woodsier old neighborhoods in East Denver, except much closer to the mountains. It’s a few extra minutes away from major work centers like downtown and the Denver Tech Center (although it’s ultra close to the Federal Center, which is nice) but it’s totally worth it for the scenery and space — and nearly one in four people here skip the commute altogether and work from home.


What types of homes are in Applewood?

Mostly large ones! Applewood has a very high occurrence of homes that are 5-bedrooms or larger, and while the years of building and development dates vary widely, the quality of the homes across the board is something that sets Applewood apart. A handful of apartments and condos can be found near some shopping centers on the edge of the area, but Applewood is very much defined by lots of lovely homes and wooded lawns. There are a number of medium-sized homes in the area too, but they’re widely varied and artfully built; there is essentially no presence of that ’90s copy-paste style housing in Applewood proper. Also, you’ll notice that almost every home is owner-occupied, and turnover is low, because people in Applewood love their homes and stay in them a long time.

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What’s unique about Applewood?

Applewood stands out among western Denver area suburbs for its greenness, being a valley between foothills and plains. The great beauty of this area has attracted a notably wealthy and uncommonly age-diverse population; a large number of area residents are retirees, adding to the overall safety and family-friendliness of the community. Additionally, the bikeability of Applewood is one of its most loved characteristics, and many residents of this area and other towns near the foothills frequently cycle on the roads and abundant trails.

Also, being in the Golden area means that Applewood is very close to a major junction of several highways. On the south end of Golden, West Colfax (Highway 40) crosses Interstate 70 and both go west into the Rockies (or east into Denver); in that same area, one can pick up the 6th Avenue Highway for a straight shot east, C-470 for a shortcut to the Denver Tech Center and southern suburbs, or scenic Highway 93 up north into Boulder.


Where are the good schools in Applewood?

One of the oldest districts in the state, Jefferson County Public Schools, serves the Applewood neighborhood. Along with implementing online resources and assignments into all grade levels using Schoology, this district also has some of the best special interest and charter school programs in the state, including Warren Tech (a vocational high school with open enrollment), a K-12 school for students with special medical needs, the PK-12 Rocky Mountain Deaf School, and a spread of inter-school GT programs and services. Some more schools we love in the Applewood area are:


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What are the best things to do in Applewood?

Applewood is an especially quiet and peaceful section of town, but it’s located ideally for plenty of fun adventures if that’s your flavor. The thriving downtown center of Denver is about 20-30 minutes away down either the 6th Avenue Highway or Interstate 70, and on the opposite side to the west, one has the Rocky Mountains immediately available. Some of the nearest activities and sights to see in the foothills area around Applewood include the Black Hawk casinos, Coors Brewery tours and classic car shows in the City of Golden, and the famous Casa Bonita on historic West Colfax Avenue. One of the closest attractions is the historic Colorado Railroad Museum!


Where are the best places to shop around Applewood?

Along with the old-school small shops that can be found nearby on West Colfax and in Olde Town Arvada to the north, some shinier and newer business areas are developing all over this half of town. For example, Applewood is on the same side of town as Highlands Square and the Tennyson business district (around 38th Avenue to 44th Avenue). It’s also close to the major malls at Belmar Center in Lakewood and Colorado Mills in Golden, and naturally Denver’s outdoor 16th Street Mall is just a Light Rail ride away. For everyday needs, the usual series of big chain stores can be found close to home in the Applewood Village Shopping Center, right where I-70 crosses over 32nd Avenue and Youngfield.


Is Applewood right for me?

Applewood is the way to make a home that has the conveniences of the city, and the safety of the suburbs, while enjoying the rare and lush aesthetic of the woods. Unique, happy, fulfilled people move to Applewood to make the lives they want, and to raise families that appreciate a quality lifestyle. To pick a beautiful home that will keep you happy forever, ask us for more information about homes in Applewood!


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