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What’s it Like to Live in Aspen Park in Conifer, CO?

Meet 8z Real Estate.  We understand how crazy the search for a new home can be. It’s vital, though, to research all about the communities where you’d like to consider living. To give you a break, we’ve done some of the work for you, and put together this guide series about the best places to make your new home! We hope you enjoy learning about whether Aspen Park is right for you.

By  Jeffrey Beall
By Jeffrey Beall

What’s it like to live in Aspen Park?

Out of all the great spots you can find in the foothills, Aspen Park is definitely one of those that most represents the Colorado attitude. Jefferson County is the home of the state’s original capital (Golden) and the whole area still radiates that frontier vibe, where people do their own thing and give each other the space to do it. The people enjoy their craft brews and outdoor activities together just like the rest of the state does, but unlike some more touristy towns in the area, Aspen Park retains a kind of quiet humility; Conifer is a little gentler on overall cost-of-living than some towns of greater notoriety, and the people attracted to Aspen Park are typically anything but fast-paced. If you’ve ever wished you could wake up in a cabin in the woods every day, yet not be totally out of sight from your neighbor’s house, then Aspen Park offers the lifestyle you’re looking for.


What types of homes are in Aspen Park?

Conifer is a small town, but its chunks are distinct. At its center, there’s a reasonable demand for apartments and townhomes, whereas the Aspen Park neighborhood is almost exclusively comprised of single family homes. These are generally in the three- to four-bedroom range of sizes, with some varying a little larger; nearly all the homes are occupied by their owners, which speaks well of the security of the local housing economy over years. Some homes in this area were built between the 1940s and 1960s, and these are roughly equally matched by homes from the mid-1970s to 2000, so there are a great variety of styles and builds to choose from in Aspen Park. Essentially all homes have garages, generally with room for two or more vehicles, since most Colorado residents have a vehicle for distance commuting and a vehicle for snow driving, and the vast majority of Aspen Park homes have basements for extra party or leisure space.

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What’s unique about Aspen Park?

The hit show South Park may indeed be based on an amalgamation of Conifer and Evergreen, but there are rarely shenanigans to be found in the Rocky Mountains of real life. Even for a mountain neighborhood, Aspen Park is remarkably quiet. It’s a fairly central neighborhood in Conifer, so the homes aren’t as spread out as they are in the surrounding areas, but the whole town enjoys a blanket of peaceful stillness as a general rule. Since Conifer is to the south of Evergreen, and closer to Highway 285 than Interstate 70, it’s just out of the way of everything mainstream, and attracts tourism only for the odd small summer event. In Colorado, where tourism is hot and the summers are getting hotter, it’s a rare and special thing to find a town that doesn’t routinely get packed with visitors.


Where are the good schools in Aspen Park?

Residents of Conifer are typically well-educated, and picky about the schools their kids go to. The area is served by Jeffco Public Schools, and the nearest great schools for families in Aspen Park include:


By 73.santi
By 73.santi

What are the best things to do in Aspen Park?

Just about anything! Aspen Park is near enough to the small town center of Conifer for basic everyday needs, surrounded by beautiful wilderness for relaxation and leisure, and near enough to the Denver metro area for a day trip, sports game, museum visit, or evening out. Best of all, it’s just far enough into the mountains along Interstate 70 to avoid the traffic that develops around major ski weekends. When you head up the highway (or the back way) to Aspen, Vail, Glenwood Springs, or any of the plethora of resorts — or to Black Hawk, if you’d rather hit the blackjack table than the slopes — you’ll be starting west of where the rush happens. Then, perhaps even better, when you head down the mountain on Sunday night, your exits come before the backups start! This is just one reason plenty of skiers and snowboarders are clamoring to call Conifer home.


Where are the best places to shop around Aspen Park?

One of the things Aspen Park residents love about the area is that it lacks the over-saturation of gift shops and other cash-grabs that one finds in many Colorado mountain towns. Conifer has all the basics comfortably nearby, of course — gas, groceries, clothes, and what have you can all be found along Highway 285 — but the nearest unique shopping and dining options can be found in Morrison, Evergreen, and of course Denver.


Is Aspen Park right for me?

To be fair, peace and quiet isn’t for just anyone — but if you’re looking for the stillness of the mountains, combined with the friendliness of a small town, Aspen Park is definitely the place for you. Don’t be afraid to ask us for more information about Aspen Park in Conifer, or any other Colorado neighborhood you’d like to call home!


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