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What’s it Like to Live in Bailey, CO?

Meet 8z Real Estate.  Moving, especially your first big move, can be stressful and terrifying. We understand how much goes into a move, and how it can feel to leave the familiar behind. To help you find a house that feels like home, we have compiled a guide about Bailey, so you can buy with confidence. Moving is stressful enough, you don’t need to deal with tons of research on top of packing. To help you get started, we’ve put together a brief overview of things to do and what life is like in Bailey.

By Kieran Campbell
By Kieran Campbell

What’s it like to live in Bailey?

Moving to Bailey is like moving into a slice of history. Recently, the South Park County area has been designated as a National Heritage Area, one of only 50 such areas in the nation. Arts, culture, history and sports abound in the South Park area, unlike the TV show of the same name. Stunning mountain and canyon scenery form the backdrop of what is a quiet mountain town. If you want all the convenience of urban sprawl and the beauty of a rural area, Bailey is what you are looking for. It has convenient access to Denver via US-285, and it avoids the light, noise and air pollution of the big city. Crystal clear views of the night sky make enjoying a meal on the lawn or patio a great way to end a stressful work day.


What types of homes are in Bailey?

Homes in Bailey tend to come with considerable property. Lots are measured in acres, not feet. Most homes also offer two or more bathrooms, making them ideal for larger families or entertaining guests. The exception to this rule is the local log cabins. They tend to be a bit smaller and may be intended for seasonal rentals. If you are looking for a forever (or at least long-term) home, be sure to plan for extra space. Most of the larger homes include bonus rooms for relaxation and high ceilings. A deck or patio is also a fairly standard addition to homes in Bailey. Outside entertaining is a must, not an occasional addition to your social calendar. Contact one of our agents to discuss the type of home you are looking for. Wood is the most common construction material, but there are exceptions. We can help you sort through the hundreds of listings to help narrow the field.

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What’s unique about Bailey?

If you like art, music and drinking outdoors, the Bailey Day street festival is an event not to be missed. Held annually, this family-friendly event offers live music and plenty of activities. For bikers out there, challenging the HUNDO is a chance to shine. It is a 100-mile endurance bike race that starts and ends in Bailey. All the proceeds go to support the development of new bike trails. Bailey is very bike friendly, with easy access to both the Colorado Trail and Buffalo Creek Trail system.


Where are the good schools in Bailey?

For kids just getting started, you can’t do better than the numerous private pre-schools and the public elementary school in Bailey. As kids progress, there are several different options, though most students continue on to the local middle and high schools. As part of an initiative to better integrate technology in the classroom, all students in 8th grade or higher are eligible to receive an iPad. Here is a short list of the local options:


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What are the best things to do in Bailey?

Living in Bailey is all about getting active and enjoying the outdoors. Maybe you’ll want to pick up a new sport. In Bailey, there is competitive archery and training to help you learn how to handle a bow. Maybe you’ll want to learn more about the Pacific Railroad at one of the local museums. You might check out Elk Falls, one of the local ski resorts or a national park. Enjoy unique shopping at local stores like Bailey Country Store and Sasquatch Outpost or PugglesBee. Bailey offers a lot of unique experiences for locals.


Is Bailey right for me?

Great skiing, some of the most beautiful scenery in the country, and lots of space make Bailey a really nice choice for families and singles. There are plenty of activities, great schools, lots of hobby groups, and more. If you’re moving for work, this community will welcome you. If you’re moving to get away from the city, you won’t be disappointed. Talk to one of our agents and get an idea of what’s available in today’s housing market.


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