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Thinking of Moving to Berthoud?

Meet 8z Real Estate.  If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably spent time cruising through neighborhoods, checking out schools, and doing a lot of legwork while looking for a new home. Let us take the tedious part of real estate searching out of the equation for you. We’ve created this guide to help you decide if Berthoud is a good fit for your lifestyle and housing needs.

By Bryce Bradford
By Bryce Bradford

What’s it like to live in Berthoud?

Living in Berthoud really offers a great mix of outdoor activities and a taste of country living. But, we also appreciate being able to easily access cities like Fort Collins and Denver. So whether you are taking a job opportunity within Berthoud or looking for a laid back country lifestyle at home with a reasonable commute to other job offerings in Fort Collins or Denver, Berthoud’s central location and proximity to major roads like I-25, Highway 87, and Highway 56 makes it a great choice.


What types of homes are in Berthoud?

Whether you’re the type who likes more classic Victorian homes or prefer modern construction with the most up-to-date floor plans, Berthoud has something for you. If you like a neighborhood-type setup where you can walk to your neighbor’s house to share a cold beer or a barbeque meal, the developments or homes closest to town are for you.

But if you like a more secluded country-style of living where you have a few acres to yourself, you have some choices, whether you want to buy a plot of land and build from the ground up or go with a standing home.  Have one of our agents go over the different sections of town with you and their relation to the schools, parks, and major roadways to see what works best for you.

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What’s unique about Berthoud?

Besides all the outdoor recreational opportunities, a unique thing about Berthoud is its pioneer history since the 1800s. It’s seen a lot of changes over the past 100 years and though we are a progressive town poised for expansion, we pay homage to our pioneer heritage with our museums and historical society. Even though we have our past as a frontier town, we like our proximity to other cultural activities close by in Fort Collins and Denver.


Where are the good schools in Berthoud?

Education in Berthoud is important and the local public schools offer the students a good variety of extracurricular activity as well as rigorous academics. So if your kids are into athletics, drama, music, or even robotics, our schools have you covered. We are in the Thompson School District and these are the local schools our kids attend:

And if your student wants to stay in the area after high school to continue their education, there are three universities and two community colleges within easy driving distance. To save a few bucks and get some of the basics out of the way, check out Front Range Community College in Fort Collins and Longmont or Aims Community College in Loveland and Greeley. For that bigger university experience, Colorado University in Boulder, Colorado State University in Fort Collins, and University of Northern Colorado in Greeley are all within a 30-40 minute drive of Berthoud.


Long's Peak as seen from Berthoud
By Let Ideas Compete

What are the best things to do in Berthoud?

What’s really great about Berthoud is that small hometown feel of the downtown area where you feel like you know lots of people. The warm and friendly atmosphere of the shops and restaurants offering up locally-sourced foods and products are a big draw. There’s even an Oktoberfest which showcases some of our local brewers and provides arts and crafts for the kids.

Outdoor recreation is a big deal around here and your family will love the ease of access to local hiking trails, the pool, skate park, and a lot more. Fickel Park right in downtown is a great spot for a picnic lunch while you take in some really cool sculptures made by some of the local artists.

We love our clear night skies and you can take advantage of the observatory right on the grounds of Berthoud High School. If you venture a bit outside of town, you can enjoy rock climbing, fishing, boating, and camping at places like Carter Lake and Boyd Lake State Park. There are so many spots to clear your mind and breathe fresh air while taking in the beauty of our natural surroundings.


Is Berthoud right for me?

If you like the outdoors but don’t want to be isolated from people and things to do, Berthoud will be a good fit for you. Whether you set up shop with a local business or make this your home while commuting to one of the bigger cities close by, you can keep an active and healthy lifestyle here without giving up easy access to great schools, culture, and shopping. There is just so much to do close by, you’d be hard pressed to need to do anything that isn’t within a half hour of your driveway.

If this area sounds like something that suits your lifestyle, you should definitely get in touch with a local real estate agent to discuss your different housing options. Tell us a bit about your needs and we’ll work hard to find the perfect fit for you.


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