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What’s it Like to Live in Black Hawk, CO?

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black hawk, colorado.
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What’s it like to live in Black Hawk?

Living in Black Hawk is like living in two worlds, since half of the city is modern while the other half feels like you’re traveling back in time. When you’re visiting the historic side of the city, you’ll notice that it perfectly captures the feel of an old mining town. But, when you head on over to the modern side of the city, you’ll encounter luxurious hotels and newly constructed restaurants, stores, and casinos. Gambling is a big part of Black Hawk and its home to 18 separate casinos, making it the largest gambling town in all of Colorado. Needless to say, you’ll never get bored since you’ll be surrounded by some of the best entertainment Colorado has to offer.


What types of homes are in Black Hawk?

If you’re looking for a house in Black Hawk you can expect to find affordable, historic homes that possess a level of charm you can’t find elsewhere. Although most of the homes are historic, most have undergone recent renovations that give them a modern and cozy feel. You’ll find everything from a comfortable cabin with a screened-in porch to a luxurious mountain ranch that has its very own private fishing lake. Most homes are situated on over-sized lots and many have private trails and other tranquil features. Since the city’s population is small you can feel safe raising your family here, plus you’ll be joining a close-knit community that really watches out for one another. One of our agents can give you a better idea of the properties here in Black Hawk so you can find a home that truly matches your needs and lifestyle.

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What’s unique about Black Hawk?

The historical significance and small town feel of Black Hawk is what really sets it apart from other cities in Colorado. When you first arrive here, you’ll be captivated by the historical buildings that adorn the city’s streets. Most of them have been carefully restored and renovated so that their stunning architecture could be preserved. You’ll also notice that the city is reminiscent of early America, as it was established back in 1859 around the time of the Pike’s Peak gold rush. When you visit the city now, most of its historic buildings have been converted into bustling casinos.


Where are the good schools in Black Hawk?

If you’re a parent you can feel confident about the education your child will receive here. Due to the town’s small population, its teachers are able to give each and every child the attention they need in an environment that makes them thrive.


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What are the best things to do in Black Hawk?

There’s so much to do in Black Hawk and most visitors start off by exploring the casinos, and trust me there’s many to choose from. You should probably begin your journey at the historic side of Black Hawk, so you can get a feel for the origins of the town. If you’re looking for some good ole’ gambling fun then stop by Bullwhackers, Black Hawk Station, and Canyon Casino. Just on the other side of town you’ll find modern casinos, like the Golden Gates Casino and Mardi Gras Casino, which have been recently constructed. If Poker’s your game, the Ameristar Casino has 22 poker tables and you can also sign up to compete in professional tournaments.

Aside from gambling, there are plenty of other things for you to do while you’re here. If pampering is more your style, you can book a massage or reserve a dinner for two at one of the swankiest hotels here in Black Hawk. Another great aspect of Black Hawk is that it’s situated right near the middle of the Rocky Mountains. If you visit Rocky Mountain National Park you’ll find countless scenic trails which are perfect for hiking, jogging, and sightseeing.


Is Black Hawk right for me?

If you’re searching for a town that has captured its intriguing past, without sacrificing the modern amenities you crave, then Black Hawk will be perfect for you. Although you’ll discover endless forms of entertainment just outside your front door, you will also find a sense of inner peace and tranquility thanks to the beauty of the land. If you’re interested in moving to Black Hawk you should speak with one of our agents today. That way you can learn more about the city’s stunning properties while letting our agents know exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to the homes here in Black Hawk.


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