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What’s it Like to Live in Commerce City, CO?

Meet 8z Real Estate.  Finding the right home for you is one of the more challenging tasks you might face in your life, but with a little guidance you can quickly narrow down your options to the places best for you. That’s why we’ve created these guide pages for you. With these, you’ll get a realistic look at the places you are thinking about, so you can make informed decisions about where you want to look for your new home.

By Maggie Deegan
By Maggie Deegan

What’s it like to live in Commerce City?

Commerce City is a place with a strong industrial heritage thanks to the large oil refinery and recently the city has been growing rapidly. This has created a combination of vibrant growth and culture along with a solid underlying economy providing a lot of reliable and well-paid jobs. Commerce City has a whole lot to do for both families and individual, ranging from the Dick’s Sporting Goods Park where Major League Soccer matches are held to the newly build Adams High School.

Commerce City has a particularly strong sports culture. Not only do the Colorado Rapids play home games at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park but the area has the deep love of sports that all of Denver shares, so whatever kind of sport you’re into you’ll find plenty of people to share that love with.


What types of homes are in Commerce City?

As you might expect Commerce City has a pretty diverse array of homes on offer, but one of the common themes is plenty of outdoor space and amazing views. If you’ve got particular needs or desires in mind you may want to talk to our agents about that and see how we can help you more specifically. Colorado scenery is second to none and the striking views of the Rockies just encourage everyone to be active and go out hiking, playing sports, or even skiing. You’ll find plenty of stores geared towards outdoor recreations in Commerce City, and the city has miles of hiking trails, an award-winning golf course, and hundreds of acres of parks and open spaces.

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What’s unique about Commerce City?

Besides the great outdoors, Commerce City is like the rest of Denver in that it’s a great beer town. I’ve had beer as good as that brewed in the area, but not often, so if you’re like me and enjoy trying plenty of different kinds of brews, or even want to set up your own microbrewery, Commerce City would be a great place to get started with that. And of course whether it’s for celebration or commiseration, there’s always plenty of beer to choose from for all the big sports events.


Where are the good schools in Commerce City?

Colorado has a strong emphasis on giving parents choice in their children’s schooling, so you can decide on the factors which matter most when you are looking for schools. Commerce City has good class sizes and, unsurprisingly, plenty of emphasis on activity and sports. Whatever your particular needs might be, talk to one of our agents and we’ll help steer you towards the school that matches your family best. Here are some of the top schools in and near Commerce City for you to consider:

Although Commerce City doesn’t have any universities within the city limits, it is conveniently close to several well regarded Denver-based educational institutes such as the University of Colorado and Metropolitan State.


Falls Creek Hike
By Thomas Shahan

What are the best things to do in Commerce City?

I’ve already talked about the culture of sports and how great the outdoors are in Commerce City, but it really bears emphasis. Life here just encourages being an outdoors type of person, with those gorgeous views every day and so many different types of hiking trail and parks. Even when you’re stuck in the office chances are you’ll never be far from a calming view of the Rockies. This is just as wonderful when you’re relaxing at home or in the backyard with a beer and some barbecue.


Is Commerce City right for me?

If you’re looking for a combination of natural beauty, healthy activity, and plenty to do nearby, Commerce City is the right choice for you. With so many places to go and explore, so many sports teams to get behind, and friendly neighbors to enjoy local beers with, it’s hard to argue against Commerce City. Moving here is a powerful way to commit to a healthier and more active lifestyle and the fresh mountain air and amazing views will always be there to encourage you. With plenty of reliable jobs provided by the oil refinery, Commerce City’s economy looks secure for the long term too.


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