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What’s it Like to Live in Conifer, CO?

Meet 8z Real Estate.  Buying your Colorado home is an adventure, and one that is truly worthwhile. Yet it can be overwhelming, and we are ready to help by being your guide to the area. If you have your eye on Conifer, here’s what one of our local agents had to say to help you determine if it’s the right community for you.

Conifer CO Real Estate

What’s it like to live in Conifer?

If I had to describe life in Conifer in one word it would be calm. While we enjoy a good time as much as residents of the city, this is the place where you go to escape from the proverbial “hustle and bustle” of city life. Yet, since we’re only 35 miles from Denver, that city life is available when you want it. I like to think of Conifer as a mountain oasis retreat. Everywhere you look there’s nature and breathtaking views with you and, most importantly, plenty of open space. There’s a reason our area was founded on ranches and still is home to several active ranches. We have the space and the quiet that ranchers need to thrive.

Of course, that’s not to say there’s nothing to do when you live here. Every month community events and festivals keep our people entertained, and when the snow falls the snow tubing hills come alive with people seeking their thrills. Also, like any good Colorado town, we have our annual OctoBEERfest Tasting Event to let you sample the local brews. Yet the pace of life is just calmer and more comfortable, and for many that’s one of the reasons they start looking for a home in Conifer.


What types of homes are in Conifer?

You’ll find that Conifer offers a nice mix of home types for you to consider, and that’s one of the benefits of moving here. Luxury mountainside estates are common, and these properties tend to be on large lots and have great big windows to capture the views that our community is so well known for. Yet you don’t have to be a luxury buyer to find a home that fits your needs in Conifer. You can also find a cozy mountain cabin for sale.

What sets our homes apart is the size of the lots. Instead of homes crowded together in cramped subdivisions, Conifer is known for having homes on large, spacious lots ideal for ranchers, and just people who love the land. If you’re considering building your own mountain retreat, there’s plenty of undeveloped land available in Conifer as well.

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What’s unique about Conifer?

One thing that sets Conifer apart is its love for history. Conifer has an astounding eight buildings that are on registered Historic Places, including two that are on the National Register of Historic Places. The Midway House at Meyers Ranch, which was built in 1889, is one of these. This historic house is a great example of the Queen Anne style ranch architecture. The Clifton House Inn, one of the Jefferson County Register of Historic Places landmarks, now houses a winery and restaurant which makes a great place for an evening out without leaving town.

Another thing that might surprise you when you are looking for a home in Conifer is the fact that there is no mayor, governor or other main leader in Conifer. Any decisions that need to be made about the town are made at the county level. In a way, this helps us preserve our quiet lifestyle. For the most part, we are able to enjoy life the way we like it without too much interference.


Where are the good schools in Conifer?

Conifer maybe a small town, but it doesn’t sacrifice when it comes to education. One of the benefits of living here is the town’s exceptional schools. Consider these good examples of education in Conifer:

After high school, students can attend college in Lakewood at Red Rocks Community College, or they can head into Denver for one of the larger state schools.


Conifer Things to Do
by Nick Taylor

What are the best things to do in Conifer?

Conifer sits at the base of the Rockies, so of course a common activity is to head to the mountains. Whether you head out on foot, in a jeep, or on horseback you will have plenty of mountain trails to explore. Several mountain parks, like the James Q. Newton Park and Staunton State Park, make exploration of the mountains simple with marked trails and visitor’s centers. With ten restaurants in the small community, dining out is another popular pastime. As the community grows, so does its amenities.


Is Conifer right for me?

Many people are choosing Conifer as their place to settle down, and the area’s population has grown significantly over the past couple of decades. Conifer is the right community for people who love the outdoors and the mountains and want to be away from the city, but close enough to enjoy it occasionally. If you appreciate the quiet laid-back lifestyle of a mountain town, then this is the one for you. If you are looking for a community where you can settle down with a large plot of land and maybe some horses of your own, you will love Conifer. Conifer has much to offer and plenty of land ready to be developed, and if this appeals to you, then start the conversation with a Conifer real estate agent today. Your new lifestyle could be just a phone call away.


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