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What’s it Like to Live in Englewood, CO?

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On Broadway in Englewood, Colorado
By Kent Kanouse

What’s it like to live in Englewood?

Living in Englewood means breathing fresh air, and enjoying wide-open space. You get that small town feel, but you also get to enjoy the modern conveniences of a big city, so you really do have the best of both worlds. Aside from the recreational things to do outdoors, we have some really great restaurants, and unique places to shop. Employment opportunities are good here, and there are several jobs available in different fields. There are a number of office jobs and professional positions, as well as jobs in retail and in the industrial sector. There is enough variety in employment opportunities that you can choose a career, and not feel forced to settle for one type of job.

Public transportation is available through the Regional Transportation District (RTD) bus service and light rail system, which offers residents an easy way to get around town and to various events throughout the city. There is a free circulator shuttle named “Art” that offers service from City Center in Englewood through downtown and to the medical complexes. With easy access to US 85, Interstate 70 and Interstate 25, it’s easy to get around town, and to commute back and forth without the hassle you have in more densely populated areas.


What types of homes are in Englewood?

There are a lot of different home styles to choose from, and it’s simply a matter of deciding what you want, and what your budget can afford. The homes range in size — and the size of the lots are larger than what you might find in big city areas. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a single-family home, with one or multiple levels, or if you prefer a condo in a multi-dwelling property. Englewood has something to fit your desired life-style and your budget. The homes feature an array of amenities, like granite countertops, vaulted ceilings, hardwood floors, decks, sprinkler systems, and full-size basements.

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What’s unique about Englewood?

In addition to the beautiful scenery and the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, the “Pikes Peak or Bust” gold rush of 1859 was started in Englewood. Today, the Englewood Community Garden is worth its weight in gold. Not only is there a large amount of community involvement, but a portion of the organic fruits and vegetables grown in the garden are donated to food banks throughout the city.

Englewood also enjoys a very prominent medical community. The Swedish Medical Center, which is a level one-trauma facility, is the city’s largest employer. It was established in 1905, and was originally known as the Swedish Consumptive Sanatorium. Today, it is internationally recognized for the superior care it provides. Englewood is a small town that is real big on giving back to its community and those in need of care.


Where are the good schools in Englewood?

Englewood takes education very seriously, and it has since the late 1800’s, when the first school, the Hawthorne School was built in 1892, to serve the then small community of local children. Since that time several schools have been constructed throughout the city to accommodate the growing population.


Englewood, Co Trails 5
By Lyn Lomasi

What are the best things to do in Englewood?

p>There are several parks located throughout Englewood, and if there isn’t one in your neighborhood, there is one just a short distance away from where you live. There are also theaters, museums, and local attractions that feature entertainment for everyone.

  • Parks and Bike Trails – There are 12 neighborhood parks located throughout the city in various communities that total more than 250 areas, and there are more than eight miles of local bike trails that connect to regional bike trails in the area.
  • Museum of Outdoor Arts – The museum is located in the Englewood Civic Center and features a collection of indoor exhibitions as well as an outdoor sculpture alley filled with a collection of international and local artwork.
  • Pirates Cove Family Aquatic Center – A family fun, award-winning aquatic center with a lazy river, swimming pools, and water slides.

There are more than 170 local restaurants in Englewood, featuring a variety of settings from coffee shops to full service dining, and feature Mexican, Asian, Middle Eastern, Italian and, of course, American cuisine. In addition to a variety of local specialty shops here in Englewood, there are several large shopping malls in nearby Denver.


Is Englewood right for me?

We love Englewood because of the beautiful scenery, the recreational opportunities, like the parks and bike trails in the summer and ski slopes in the winter. For those of us with children the schools are great, and for those of us just starting out there are several excellent career opportunities. If you’re ready to live a hassle-free life, that features all of the modern-day conveniences without the huge expense of the big city, in a place where you can buy an affordable home in a great community and enjoy a great career, then Englewood is definitely for you.


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