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What’s it Like to Live in Federal Heights, CO?

Meet 8z Real Estate.  As the Denver area grows we know it is getting harder and harder to know what to look for in real estate. For home buyers new to an area there are few choices more stressful than choosing where to live. We have put together this guide to the Federal Heights community to give you a picture of it and to help you see why this area is great for up-and-coming professionals.

Happy Family
By David Amsler

What’s it like to live in Federal Heights?

It is your typical bedroom community of young married couples looking for a place to start a family. Living in Federal Heights is perfect for people like me who want to be close to the city, but do not want to be right in the middle of all the congestion. Federal Heights is connected to the rest of the Denver metropolitan area via the Regional Transportation District public transit system making it easy to work in downtown Denver and live where you can get some fresh air and not have to worry about the daily drive on chaotic roads.


What types of homes are in Federal Heights?

Most of the houses in the area are typical three-to-five bedroom ranch-styles which are great for people looking for a starter home. If you are looking to build a home, Federal Heights has many open lots available as well, making it an affordable place to build near Denver. Federal Heights is a great place to live for young professionals looking for a home base from which they commute to work and play quickly.

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What’s unique about Federal Heights?

Federal Heights is host to a major attraction in the North Denver area. Water World, right next to Camenisch Park, is a top-notch water park providing all of the attractions you would expect. It has multiple wave pools, rides and lazy rivers giving you plenty of options to beat the heat in the manner of your choosing. Having Water World in your backyard would allow you to bike to the park and still beat the lines on the Skyline Speed Slides or the Revolution.


Where are the good schools in Federal Heights?

Thanks to Federal Heights being in the North Denver area you will have your choice of institutions to get your children the best education possible. As Denver has grown it has become a magnet for innovative schools on the cutting edge of education methodology. Here are some of the best near Federal Heights:


Disc golf
By Mikael Wiman

What are the best things to do in Federal Heights?

Federal Heights is just 30 minutes outside of Denver and an hour out of Boulder. If you like having options for recreational activities living in Federal Heights gives you quick access to two major cities which are becoming magnets for business and culture. As it is located square in the middle of the North Denver suburbs, Federal Heights enjoys the scenery of the southern Rocky Mountains which surround the area.

Camenisch Park in Federal Heights is home to the Badlands Disc Golf Course, a well-ranked course providing disc golf aficionados a real challenge. If a game of real golf is more your style, there are plenty of world-class golf courses in the North Denver area. There are plenty of amenities for outdoor adventures throughout the area. If you are an outdoorsy type like me Federal Heights gives you all the options you need to enjoy nature and get the breathing room you need.


Is Federal Heights right for me?

The Denver area is growing by leaps and bounds every year. In a place undergoing rapid growth it is always great to find a place to get away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy nature for a while. Living in Federal Heights does just that. It is right in the middle of the North Denver suburbs and has quick access to everything the area has to offer.

Outdoor activities like camping, golfing and nature trails as well as the perks of the big city such as shopping, restaurants and concerts are all within a 30 minute drive. If you do not feel like driving Federal Heights is located on metropolitan Denver’s bus routes so you can still get around without paying for parking or fighting in traffic. Federal Heights is the perfect place for the young professional looking for a relaxed atmosphere where they can begin building their career and life.


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